Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Beauty to behold........
Several scenes of my sister-in-law's beautiful garden! Trish built the pond on her own. Their property is literally built into ledge which created the perfect spot for the pond and waterfall.
This magnolia is just outside their family room window.
Instead of looking too hard beyond myself to find the reason for my recent depression, I decided the problem could be right under my nose, and be very fixable. That led me to list the changes I have made in foods, supplements, etc which I have made recently. There were only two or three so this morning I cut out the new calcium carbonate, magnesium, vitamin D tablets I started a week ago. I also stopped the cup of green tea which I had been having at my desk when I arrive at work. Today, I feel even, happy and had no nausea at all. This morning I even faced having a flat tire, getting to the repair place only to find that I need new brakes all the way around, and walking to work without getting stressed at all and being thankful that I was near home, work and the garage when all this happened. My spirit just feels calm. If you could only know how I loathe anything which has to do with car repair, maintenance (although I have it done faithfully on time), even getting gas, you would know that this is remarkable to be handling this day all on my own without a meltdown!

Thank you to everyone for the care and concern after what I wrote the last few times.
For today, life is beautiful, and in reality, today is all I have. Looking back and wishing for things which might have been is useless and draining, looking ahead (well, too far, anyway) is also time not well spent.
LM is in New Hampshire this afternoon enjoying a lunch with school chums of 55 or more years ago. They are lovely people and it would be fun to be there but I will share his joy vicariously when we chat later.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been away quite a bit and have missed the blog. I'm sorry to read about the challenging times of late-but know that these tend to come in waves, followed by an understanding of the "why". Keep writing as it is a wonderful outlet-and walking! We're all out there putting one foot in front of the other-you're not alone. I left your neck of the woods this past Sunday after a week of walking and soul searching. You're definitely in the right place for that! Now that I'm moving out there, my only wish would be to make the summers less hectic! In truth, I have always loved the fall the best-there and here in upstate NY. But, back to you! Keep doing what you're doing and remember to find joy in the simple things-as you do so well! Ann in NY/CC

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks so much for writing. So glad you got a chance to be here for awhile. The walking here is wonderful. I have just come home from my evening walk and went down to the Oyster River. The colors are so vivid right now as we have just passed the solstice. I hardly saw another soul but the gardens are beautiful. When I get my car back I intend to go round and take some garden pix.
So far tourism is WAY down, no doubt due to the economy and price of fuel. The truth will be told when 4th of July arrives. If it stays quiet it will be a true sign.
So nice hearing from you. Marcia

Ernestine said...

I just found your blog.
Can relate to a lot you share.
Have experienced much you have.
Gardening and being outdoors helps tremendously.
Wish I could live in my garden.
A new computer and blog person I am finding writing helps me tremendously.
My oldest daughter lives in Longmeadow, Mass.
Just wanted to say hello.
Have a great day.
It is hot hot hot in Tennessee.
I am out early today for watering and errands.
Then back inside with the fans whirling.

Beverly said...

hello, Ernestine is one of my blogging friends...small world. Ahe may have found you thru me. lol

I am glad the world is looking better to you. I think you might need to start the Calcium and Vit D back, maybe every other day or something like that. If you are in the sun 15 minutes a day, they say you won't need the vitD. Vit D helps your body absorb the Calcium. Well, enough of the nurse talk...
The flowers are beautiful!!!
I had to have my car in shop to the tune-up tune of $400!!! Yikes!