Saturday, June 21, 2008


Dad rallied enough yesterday for Trish to receive a call around 9:30 am that he could go back to his place at assisted living. For a brief few hours we thought this was a typical Dad rally but after settling him in at home, Trish and I spoke and she feels strongly that he will not be able to stay there and will need more intensive nursing care. She said he was unable to really do more than get in bed and would need help with meds, eating, etc. Just waiting for more news.

LM and I did not go there last night at Trish's recommendation. We came back to the Cape to our separate places so we could rest. This morning I am up after a struggle and feeling sick and dangerously depressed. My head will not clear and I am so tired that I can barely drag myself around. No idea what is wrong unless it is exhaustion from stress. I am going to now force myself to get in the car and go to the Sat. farmer's mkt because it always makes me feel better. Hoping to find "Cape" strawberries and more of the wonderful greens which I enjoyed this week.
Supposed to get together with LM's daughter, Meaghan today but time will tell.
That is it from gloomy me this morning. So many things I SHOULD do and no inclination at all.

The Farmers Market cure worked again. The long awaited display of still-warm-from-the-field strawberries awaited and drew me like a magnet, I was on them fast, as were crowds of others, and have procured some of the luscious gems, plus an extra box to take to Bob and LM. Too beautiful, not to share. The scent in the car was heavenly. I also got some more beautiful greens from the Boxwood Gardens stand (they were already sold out of spinach and radishes), and some wonderful multi-colored baby swiss chard from the Cape Cod Organic Farm. Soon they will have their nutty/buttery fingerling potatoes. By the time I left there and drove over to LM's, I was feeling so much better and the warm loving greeting was further salve to my soul. We all went out for a cup of tea and some good laughs observing the tourists who have descended in hordes.
A lovely morning. LM has gone off to do errands and I am home after stopping to buy freshly caught flounder and a visit with my friends at Nantucket Wild Gourmet to ask them to order me Ruby Red Jasmine Rice . Yesterday, Gluten Free Girl, Shauna wrote a nice piece including a recipe for a salad using this rice so I am very inspired to try it in my never ending quest for healthy cooking.

Dad is OK this morning, although still needing to stay in his room with assistance, he did get up and get dressed and was reading his dear Boston Globe at last report. Trish, who since yesterday has been suffering terribly with severe vertigo, managed to get herself over to check on Dad this morning. She is now back home in bed. She has been under tremendous stress caring for Dad, but this is not the way to get a day of well-deserved rest.

I am working on conscious breaths and enjoying the cool breezes. Sometimes the bleakest day can become bright.

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Beverly said...

Sounds like you have so much going on, I am not surprised you have trouble getting out of bed and "going". Fresh strawberries will certainly turn a day around.

Hope your Dad gets strength back. So much worrying and wondering...