Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Standing Still

Nick, my dear friend and co-worker (he builds models of the projects which my company designs and constructs and is also a talented set designer), decided that I MUST watch all 6 seasons of Sex and the City, because I just have to see the new movie. He warned me that I would be addicted and just love the show. The marathon watching began yesterday. It is all such fun and the writing is amazing. There is a moment in time when Carrie asks Mr. Big to just stand still with her, savor the moment. Not a novel concept, for sure, but one which I have grown to treasure about my relationship with LM. We do that. It takes practice but when applied the benefits are so amazing and I have said from the beginning that one of my favorite things about LM is when he is with me, he is with me....incredibly romantic! With others it was all about "when we do this, when I get to this point", etc. At this point I just want to savor.

At my office today, I came face to face with an example of savoring right where you are. It was a very dark and dreary day and I was looking out the nice big window which is right beside my desk...gazing across the street into the trees wishing it were sunny again. When I shortened my gaze, not 3 feet from my chair was a huge rhododendron bush in full bloom and I could see the bees buzzing from blossom to blossom and, I was reminded once again to just be still and experience the beauty right there in that spot.

Back to Sex and the City.....I think there is a contradiction here somewhere...Nick told me it would happen!

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