Friday, October 30, 2009


Help! Someone please apply the brakes.....time is going way too fast, weekend is here and that means "the trip" is imminent, along with so many other fun activities. It is all so happy and fun right now, that I want time to savor and enjoy.
Today is a fun party at work - a combination of TGIF and Halloween. We've all brought things and the aromas from our kitchen are harbingers of some delicious treats. Tonight it is off to a pedicure for me, and tomorrow will find Sara, Samantha and I visiting baby Teddy and parents! Really looking forward to that time together. A beautiful day is on tap and we hope to walk along the canal and enjoy some sunshine.

Sunday is the last day off before we leave so I have to finish packing, and buy one more gift. Sunday afternoon and evening will be spent with friend, Sue as she is having an early Thanksgiving celebration at her house for her closest friends. I am privileged to be on the invite list and will get some photos.
Mon and Tues evenings I will be preparing some food to pack in our cooler to avoid eating road junk.

Meanwhile, as I am on the busy social whirl, LM is doing all his own trip prep and we may get to spend a few minutes together on Saturday evening. Today he is doing the final arrangements for the rental car and preparing the house for his sister, who will stay with Ms G for 2 weeks. Little does the little chipmunk chaser know that her "boyfriend" will be gone. EEEEEK. Poor baby.

All the above explains why I will most likely not be posting for a few days. I do plan to post during the trip, so Wednesday night I will try to sneak in a wind up of the first day. CANNOT WAIT to be on the road with my love! First stop is Front Royal VA.

Happy Halloween!!


Julie said...

Have a safe journey and a wonderful time with friends and family. Very much deserved!

Anonymous said...

So, November 4th is take off time huh! How exciting! Know you will have a wonderful time!! Poor Ms G will figure out she's been hornswaggled long about midnight Wednesday evening! Ah, she'll be just fine!! Will look forward to your posts about your trip! Am glad to hear you are going to have a fun filled weekend! Yea!! Have a great time!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you so much Julie and Debbie. I know it will be a wonder a minute, and full of joy! Can't wait to share it all here.

barbara said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope you get sunshine and warm temperatures. I'm glad you got that pedicure too--you need pretty toes for sandal wearing climates.