Thursday, October 22, 2009

On a Whirl

I'm not sure about others, but my mind certainly starts to whirl when I have a trip coming up. Being a fairly organized person, and a list maker, I try to make a note whenever thoughts pop into my mind about things we will need along the way, etc., but as the date draws close now (Nov 4, 3 am), the thoughts begin to mesh into one and I can feel the up tempo in my body, mind and spirit. Some good and some bad, to be honest. Checklists are now whirling in my brain, and I start getting into LM's ability to think for himself as far as his to do list for the trip...bad, bad. He is always well-prepared when we leave for a trip. Once in awhile, I bring myself up short by asking those critters in my brain,"what is the worst that can happen"...REALLY, if I forget something, I can just go buy whatever I need, and the computer will be with me, so whatever tickets I need for Discovery Cove and Busch Gardens can be downloaded easily.

CRAZY, I am! I really have issues with time.....getting close to a date, an event, an appointment, I am always so worried about things being exactly right, that I make myself very stressed, and those around me as well. It is subtle but really annoying to me and others. LM being a very patient man, knows this about me and it even gets to him, too.

In actuality, everything is very ready for the trip right now. As needs have arisen, they have been addressed, and I will do a practice run of packing a very SMALL suitcase next week sometime.

I think I needed to write this out in order to stop, or at least slowdown, the whirling in my mind....thanks for listening.

This trip promises to be one of a lifetime and to know that we will be bringing such delight and fulfilling a 30+ year dream for Kristi (LM's 41 year old developmentally disabled daughter), is happiness personified. We will all be seeing some very interesting and beautiful places for the first time in our lives, plus sharing time with other loved ones.
Now it is time to put all my effort into letting go of the lists, lighten up and get into my "happy to be on the road" mindset. I think I can do it!


Poppy said...

I'm a super duper organized person as well as a list maker. I almost drove myself crazy getting ready for our 12 days in Utah. Some of that was self preservation (trying times and all that) but most of it was just normal me in "I'm going on vacation" mode.

One item I have that makes packing much easier for me is this:

I keep it stocked and ready to go at all times. Since I purchased this I have not arrived at my destination to find I forgot something in the toiletries dept. I just throw it in the suitcase knowing that everything I'm going to need is in there. First Aid supplies, hair care, nail care, dental hygiene, etc. It's in there. The only thing I need to add is our daily medications.

Isn't it exciting to be planning a trip? I'm ready to get into the mode. I'll be doing so after the holidays...we're thinking Montana/N&S Dakota. We've never been and would love to go.

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of folks just like you. I don't pack until the night before. I wash up everything and decide 3 days before...I know where ever I go I'll have a w/w and my just try and chill out Marcia! You'll have a much better time if you just pack lightly. Don't try and take your whole closet or you'll go insane. lol...debbie