Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doggies on Tour

Took a little tour around the doggies house one day last week before we became trapped in a 3 day nor-easter. This maple is so pretty. Here they are, my charges, balls in mouth, waiting for me to play.
The hydrangeas are having a last hurrah
To the right, below the blue bloom, is the white one which now appears in my header. It was just perfect until the storm.
The pots at the terrace door were so pretty and blooming late.
The many holly trees have fat green berries, soon to be red
Sedum is such a lovely Fall presence
At the very back by the herb garden is a huge shrub with these berries. As children, we used to throw these at each other and create a nightmare for our mother!
Liza came running around to the front to greet me!
A Halloween greeting

A pretty hydrangea wreath on the front porch wall
A valiant rose near the garage

A pot of parsley by the kitchen stairs
This is a beautiful place to be, even if my supper gets eaten by a certain 4-footed friend!
Their "parents" will be home Tuesday.
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

OH! What darling dogs! So cute! They should be able to keep you on your toes! I'm sure if Ms G could see them see just MIGHT agree!...debbie

Poppy said...


I bet one could have themselves quite the lovely, quiet weekend in a place like that.

I need a quiet weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your time doggie sitting.