Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Teddy Update - Shakin' the Bars

Teddy is behind many bars these days, and not the kind of bars that serve drinks!! His wise parents, have gates set up at all the doorways on the first floor to keep him in the family room area. He's really getting around, and it will not be long until he takes his first steps. That cute face just melts my heart. Teddy will be 10 months next Tues, which is also Dad's, I miss him.

Today he is going to have tubes put in his ears to hopefully stop the spate of ear infections he's had over the past months. Wish we could get to the core of the problem. My theory is allergies of some sort but that remains to be proven. It is a great frustration for many parents.
Here's hoping the tubes are successful.

Otherwise, we are having such a lovely Fall and that means we are one month from the trip to FL. It is getting more and more exciting. Lots to do beforehand but that is fun, too.
Back to taking out my winter project du jour.


janet said...

What a cutie Teddy is. Those ear tubes did the trick for our Mark, 24 years ago. He's 6'7" now and healthy, but he had smallish eustasian tubes then...and every cold went to his ears. I'll bet the procedure works even better all these years later.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you Janet. I feel a lot better about it...the procedure only takes a few minutes, I hear. Parents are nervous! Nana, too.

Anonymous said...

We never had to put tubes in Madison's ears, but she still has lots of ear aches, perhaps she needs tubes, but her doctor doesn't think so. ...debbie