Monday, October 12, 2009

Lovely Days and a Milestone

Memories from the weekend.....
Dinner with friends on Saturday evening. My friend, Nan, was here from NY and we had a wonderful time catching up with her and her friend, Bob in Hyannis.
The table set for dinner at LM's on Sunday. So nice to have a few flowers to pick and make a centerpiece.

With streaks of purple daylight lingering in the evening sky, I made the 8 mile drive home from LM's house Sunday night, still always, after the weekend with my love. Yes, I know, I am a bit sappy. Can't help it. Just an hour earlier we were driving into a fiery Fall sunset as we drove Kristi home after a lovely day entertaining LM's sister, Lois and her friend, Shirley with dinner at LM's.
On that drive with Kristi, I couldn't help but bring up an event of the day. LM's sister had brought some old family photos to share.....there are very few in existence. She and LM are 2 of 5 children. Their parents placed all of them in foster care at a very young age, which splintered the family....some never seeing each other again. To this day, no one knows why. LM has no memory of his mother at all, as he was 5 when he went to live with the first of several foster families. Their father saw the children through the years and became closest with LM, in fact, in his late years he lived with LM until his death. He was a kind and smart man, talented author, who wrote biographies of some famous artists, namely Wallace Nutting (one of my very favorites), and also was active in MA historical societies. Yesterday, Lois brought a photo of LM at 5, taken on on the day he last saw his mother. There, at age 72, he looked at the face of his mother for the very first time. He is a very stoic person, emotions pretty close to the vest, unless it involves Ms G, his children or me, and his reaction was silent but palpable. Nothing else was said, he scanned the photo and then disappeared into his room for a bit. That photo showed the face of one of the most angry women I have ever seen. I wonder, often, how he became such a warm and loving soul. He was raised in a wonderful foster home, given a private school education and a wealth of love and cultural experience, things he may never have never had in his birth home. That family is still close to him today!

It was a day of lovely and delicious moments and ended with several hours of emotional sharing, both with LM and with three of my siblings.

And, in other news, Ms G has been busy dusting at LM's....note the dust on her whiskers here! She likes the back of this wing chair as she can see most of the activity on the first floor from this vantage point. Funny little one!
Today is Dad's birthday.....oh, how I miss him......This will be a second to second day, fighting tears and the sharpness of grief. I will make it......I will make it....I WILL make it!


Anonymous said...

yes, you will make it. and don't hold back the tears. Just let them fall and you will feel all the better for it. and may even smile at the end of your tears thinking he's shaking his head at you from above smiling and then you will smile and maybe even manage a little laugh. He is watching....debbie oh, glad you had a wonderful day with your family and friends!

Poppy said...

There are so many days that trigger those deep emotions. As was said above...let those tears fall. They are cleansing tears I've learned and I do feel so much better when I just let them go.

LM is very lucky to have you in his life. As you are to have him in yours. And the both of you blessed by Ms. G :)