Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forgot to Shift into Dog Mode

Yesterday was so grim, but I got myself over to my dog sitting job at my boss's house and settled in. Still trying to buoy my spirits after a tearful conversation with LM about how I was feeling, I sat with the TV remote in my hand, flipping through the seeming millions of options on the huge TV. Wouldn't you know the answer to my grief popped right up....Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke" was just coming on! Having never seen it, and having heard it was hilarious, I decided to watch the first half hour or so. It all just hit my funny bone and I had to tear myself away from it because 4:45 am comes quickly, and not enough sleep is not a good thing for me these days. I have ordered the movie on Netflix and LM and I will have a good laugh sometime soon, thanks to Cheech and Chong.

Usually, I am deft at switching gears from cat radar to dog radar, but this time I forgot somehow. I was famished when I arrived here this evening but the doggies had to eat first, and then go out. After that deed was done, I prepared my dinner and just as I was to sit down, the critters began barking in earnest at the door. I got up to let them in, and Sammy, the big yellow lab was first in. I had to wait a bit for Liza, the black lab. In the few seconds I waited for her, Sammy got my dinner and ate every bite in a flash. There was nary a crumb to be found. My fault. I know dogs do those things and Sammy was counting on my "cat brain." Oh, well, maybe he knows I need to slow down on food intake before the FL trip. Who knows. There is a reason for everything.
Pictures of the culprit coming tomorrow.
We re having a strong nor'easter here tonight with very heavy wind and rain. My favorite kind of night!


Anonymous said...

Hummmmmmm...sounds like your little charges don't have any manners. Lincoln knows he'd be dead if he ever tried something like that!! Perhaps he wanted to see if you were going to be a push over!! lol silly dog!...debbie

Poppy said...

Cheech & Chong! Oh the many laughs I got from watching them in action.

Here's hoping you get to enjoy your dinner tonight :) Guard your plate!

It's good to hear a an uplift in your tone.