Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Perfect Fall Saturday

Pork tenderloin with a cranberry orange ginger sauce is in the slow cooker, a chocolate zucchini cake is cooling and awaiting its drizzle of frosting, brussels sprouts and carrots are ready to be oven roasted at the last minute, and I am just about packed to take this show to LM's house this afternoon. We are having one of my best friends, Sue, to dinner!
It was supposed to rain but it is sunny, breezy and a bit balmy. Sue and I will meet around 2 to visit our favorite consignment shops and then get ourselves back to visit with LM and Ms G.

Should be a lovely day. As the weekend neared, I found myself feeling low, teary and not wanting to do much of anything, but after a good night's sleep, some hard exercise and preparing this delicious meal, I am feeling great and ready to get out of myself!

Hopefully, there will be pictures to post and a wrap up of the day. Tomorrow, LM, Ms G and I get to sleep in, see my daughter and granddaughter and then have a visit with one of his close friends for a seafood dinner.

Daughter, Anne and husband are in France this weekend for surprise birthday party for friends, and my brother, Ev and his wife are in Oregon to attend SOAR (for fiber spinners) and then they will visit my sister, El in Seattle. Very much a family on the road this week.

NICE.....wish you all a lovely weekend, too. Leaving you with a lovely Ms G poem written by my dear on-line friend, Debbie

Ms G's Discussion About Herself

My home is where my feet touch.
My bed is what's under me when I'm sleepy.

My food is anything that tastes good.
My friends are whom I choose.

The night is my safety, the day is my warmth.
I'm proud but not vain. Simple things delight me.

I love to be loved, but love when I choose.
I adapt very quickly, but prefer my routine.

I am curious to a fault.
I am beautiful, and clean, and I know it.

My soft voice can comfort, my anger is clear.
I practice my agility so none can compare.

I am what I am, and I would be no other,
I am Ms G the cat! And THAT is THAT!!



Kittie Howard said...

Love your poem! Ms G kinda looks like our beloved Chena. After 21 years (living just like your poem) she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It's a cloudy day today, my husband's in Europe on a business trip, and your site really perked me up. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds just wonderful! Nothing better than your best friend coming for dinner. My best friend moved 4 hours away a month ago much to my dismay, but spent 3 nights with me last week. It was just wonderful and we had a great time. I missed her so the next evening. I looked over at the recliner beside mine only to see an empty chair...but I talked to her anyway and called her to tell her...she laughed. Enjoy your dinner!! Sounds delicious!...debbie

Farmgirl Susan said...

What time is dinner?? : ) The whole day sounds divine. Enjoy!

One Woman's Journey said...

Your meal sounds wonderful.
Makes me want to cook something for "One Woman".
Enjoy your weekend.