Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweetness Amidst the Storm

We are having a three day nor-easter, so I was out and about very early Friday morning. I do love to watch and feel the power of the weather, while staying safe, of course, so before the sweetness, here are some photos taken at a beach close to the doggies' house, and then a shot taken at my usual haunt, Lighthouse Beach. The wind was so heavy that I dared not get out to take a shots, as witnessed by the big raindrops on the windshield.

The car was rocking and shaking at this point...just about time to move along!

At the Lighthouse, you can see huge breakers out along the bar.
Now to the sweetness.
You know you have a good man when he HAS to call you because he just happens to see a beautiful flower.

LM and I talk everyday at lunch, so, not 10 minutes later, as I was driving back to work, I was surprised when my cell phone rang. I was hoping it would be LM with news about his son John's parole hearing which is being held today. We'd been expecting a call all day. Alas, no news on that yet, but he wanted to tell me that as he walked to his car, he noticed a single flower blooming in the garden behind the shed. In the spring, I had set an orphan bulb in the ground in the corner of the otherwise barren garden plot in which Bob used to take great pride. We intended to put tomatoes and other veggies in there this year but all the landscaping work consumed our time and energy, so it never got done.

On this very wet and stormy day, there was the lone dahlia plant bursting forth with the prettiest flowers....white with a purple tinge, and LM just had to call me to tell me how happy he was to see that beauty! That call is worth more than any expensive gift a man has ever given me.

Oh, and that earlier phone call at lunch - it consisted of silly banter about Ms G and how loving her has really corrupted him and he can hardly stand to leave her alone and go out to do his errands, etc. He has to make sure she "talks" to me, too! Poor besotted soul.
P.S. John did not get parole today. He was offered a chance to go into a special half-way program, but he declined. That does not make me happy, but then, it is not my decision, or really my business. The program would have been great as it is really aimed at these young offenders that really have not had a chance to develop any positive experience. Very frustrating! We remain hopefult hat he will "see the light."

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Anonymous said...

Heard about your storm on the news, they showed some photos - how brave of the dahlia to bloom in such stormy weather. I've got some pinky ones and they are also still blooming, but my weather is only gray - no storms! Sorry your wishes for John did not happen, but sometimes it's best when it doesn't. But who is to know. It could prove to be a good thing for him that he said no....debbie