Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Namesake

I believe it has been mentioned here before that Ms G has a serious penchant for anything with an adhesive applied. On Saturday two new storage containers arrived at LM's just after I did. Ms G was upstairs in her lair at the time, but within seconds, as LM an I were sitting in the living room, we heard the "thump" as she jumped from the stairs and landed on the dining room table. LM thought she was headed to greet me and we were both puzzled when we heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. Before we could get out of our chairs, she came slinking into the dining room area with her "prey" in her mouth, about to make the kill. She had sniffed out a label applied with glue, and torn it off in one fell swoop! There were labels on both sides so we brought one of the containers into the dining room hoping to capture the second "kill" with the lens. Here is my effort. Not as funny as the first. She is such a character and was not happy until all labels were off both containers. She can also sniff out a closed cupboard or drawer that holds a roll of Scotch tape! Duct tape is a particular delicacy. Not to worry any of her fans....she doesn't eat the tape, just chews on it and carries it around for days. Actually, she will eat Scotch tape and that usual results in quick regurgitation....sorry for TMI.
Just a little silly entertainment for her "people," who are often in need of a hearty laugh. She's an intuitive little one.
She's still carting the chewed up labels around the house, but when I visited last evening, she was no where to be seen! Perhaps she was at a "Tape Eaters Anonymous" meeting.


Poppy said...

I love Mrs. G, she is such a beautiful cat. We just lost our Sadie a couple of months ago. She too was a beauty. I think there are a few photos of her on the blog somewhere.

I'll see your TMI and raise you one!

I'll never forget the time she ate a bunch of easter basket grass...nothing like a cat freaking out and running about the house with a strand of yellow easter grass hanging out of their, well you know what!!! And it happened for days until she got rid of all the grass. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

What a silly kitty!! I guess we all have our vices...hers just happens to be anything sticky! lol...debbie