Thursday, September 10, 2009

They are Getting Closer

They, as in great white sharks, are coming right into our harbor now. The town is abuzz with activity and the roads leading to the lighthouse overlook (my favorite place to be) are all jammed. Twice yesterday I tried to get there and gave up. Oh well, it is great for our economy....wonder if these sharks are being paid by the Chamber of Commerce??

Not much other news around here right now. Plans for our trip to FL in Nov are still about the only thing happening. The quiet is eerie sometimes, and the lack of demands on my schedule creates an uneasy feeling. I'm trying to just sit in it and allow the dust to settle.

Last week I was supposed to go to the pain center and have a shot into my spine to help control the hip pain. The pain has been lessening and I was very fearful of the shot, so I canceled the appointment and have begun to walk every other day with a friend at work. So far, so good. The pain is managed with Ibuprofen. The invasiveness and warnings about the shot were enough to scare this usually fearless woman.

Watched the President's speech last night and thought he did an excellent job. The outburst from the audience was very disturbing and disrespectful....another embarrassment for our country. Sad, the lack of respect, but I do not think it will negate the impact of Obama's words. I was happy to hear the concise and direct address to the fear mongers among us. Enough is enough.
On with health care for all!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to dissagree with you on the speech last night. What that man said is absolutely true. It states in the documents,"That you don't have to be a citizen of the United States to get Health care..."...maybe you want to pay for these illegals, but we don't. It makes my blood boil...But I do understand, your living Ma. you would think otherwise. I am sorry to hear that. As for the sharks, perhaps they are Democrats...ho ho ho...just kidding!! I do hope they go away and leave your beaches alone. Regarding your hip. There is a great exercise for that. Lay on your back. Bring one knee up to your chin and bring your hands up and push it a little harder towards your chin. Do as many as you can. Then the other will be amazed!!! ...debbie

Kristi said...

First, I think "Happy Days" ought to read the actual House bill, instead of parroting Fox News. The bill states that no federal money would be spent on giving illegal immigrants health coverage. Check it out here:
Apparently, Republican scare tactics are still in full force even after W left office.

Sharks in the harbor? That is very cool. Did you take photos? I would love to see them.

Finally, thank you SO much for your sweet words on my blog today. Being honest about what my life is like and how I'm feeling on my blog makes me feel so much better, and hearing from others who have felt "not so natural" as mothers makes me believe that I'm not the only one to second-guess her abilities on a daily basis.

janet said...

I agree with you...I admired the way the President spoke about health care and handled his critics. I can't understand the parents who didn't want President Obama to encourage their kids to work hard and stay in school. What's not to love about that? Beats me!

Anonymous said...

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