Monday, September 7, 2009

Sharks Abound

For the past few weeks there have been many shark sightings in Chatham, and HUGE crowds gathering at the beaches, hoping to catch a glimpse, mostly in the area of my favorite beach in town - Lighthouse Beach. We have had all the major news networks here with the requisite dish trucks and scientists as well. Swimming is banned! The local marine fisheries' shark experts were able to tag two of the sharks within the last 3 days, and that caused great excitement as they'll now be able to track them and learn much more scientific data when the tags automatically release off the sharks within a few months. The hysteria over it all is so funny....these creatures are natural to our waters and we have an incredibly large population of seals living on our shores so the sharks are having a feast.

There are all sorts of jokes, and references to "Jaws" floating around, and I think LM was even heard to say that perhaps he might tie me to a seal and troll the waters to see what he could catch. I believe Ms G put the kaibosh on that idea......LOL

I've just come home after spending a lovely weekend with LM and Ms G. The weather was so perfect nd we got a lot of things done. There was yard work, and I made 48 jars of peach jam. The local peaches have been amazing this year and I was able to find a box at a reasonable price. LM helped in the jam production line and we had lots of laughs. He even went out and bought a lovely new stainless steel pot for for cooking the fruit. I was impressed that he chose a very attrative one from the Martha Stewart line at Macy's. I must confess though, that I got very sad today as we finished up the jam project....looking down I could see the hands of the 3 women who taught me how to preserve fruits and veggies as a child, and later as a young adult: my Mum, my grandmother, and former mother-in-law (Jason's late grandmother). There were lovely peach trees in my childhood and the taste of those peaches is still etched in my taste memory.

Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Labor Day weekend. I worked hard all day today but it was a labor of love, with my love.

PS. Ms G hid the very minute I began to gather my things to come home. Oh well, I got a lot of love all weekend from the little traitor.


Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

First the crowds and media gathered for the Hurricane and now for the sharks. At least its good for the local business even if it is hype.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Though it made you sad, as you described looking down at your hands and seeing your Mum, grandmother, and former mother-in-law I could only think of what an absolute wonderful and precious memory that they left you with as well as the skill to make tasty jam.

Beverly said...

I saw on NBC the coverage of the sharks, and of course my ears perked up when Chatham was on the eyes too, LOL. I knew you would be mentioning it.... I wish I could make preserves, no one in my past did any I have to depend on a friend at work to make blackberry jelly. She just threw seeds out the side of the yard and now she has big blackberry plants....Like your header..

Anonymous said...

Peaches!Mmmmmmmmmm!One of my favorites! Seems like everyone in Blog world is canning something but me...I have no idea how. I grew up in the desert of Texas, and we didn't have anything to can. Guess I could learn...glad you had a wonderful holiday!!...debbie

Corker2 said...

Sorry that I missed all that "hub-bub" up there about the sharks. Just didn't see anything on the TV about it. My Labor Day Week-end was not all that great. Had to work, but did have off on Labor Day itself! Didn't do much of anything except chill out and take a break. Weather was not all that good, either. Lot's of clouds. No sun.