Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back Home

It was only a week, but feels like longer, that I was over at LM's house. The friends who used my house for a Cape Cod vacation had a great time and left my house better than they found it!

Being out of my own air-conditioned house during a long stretch of unbearable humidity and heat, was a true test, but LM and I managed wonderfully and had some great laughs. Ms G was thrilled to have us both in one place and gave me lots of love.

The night before I moved over to LM's I attended a lovely party and the view below is what we saw from the spacious deck where cocktails were served. As anyone who has been reading here for awhile knows, I always feel so inept at parties. This one was so perfect as there was a nice assortment of people I knew and love, and some very interesting new faces. The night was very damp and hot as Hurricane Bill was heading by us off-shore. The sky and the ocean beyond were very dramatic. The first water you see is an inlet called Sulphur Springs and just beyond is Nantucket Sound. The house is located in a very private area of W. Chatham and is within a 2 minute drive of my house. My company finished the house in 2008.
Here is her royal highness in her favorite vantage spot. She can see the entire first floor at LM's from this perch and then decide if she deigns to grace us with her actual presence or dash back up to her lair.

She adores LM
During the week away we attended a party with Kristi at the home of friends in Eastham. It was a yummy day with some great local seafood and company.
Ms G in one of her favorite poses....she is playing with a fishing line which LM rigged up for her. It is connected to the living room coffee table and she will lay there for long periods of time batting it around, or she gets across the room and charges at it.

One night, I had a fun and delicious dinner with daughter, Sara and granddaughter, Samantha. She is such a sweetheart, and surprised me by loving spicy food.

Otherwise, my life SEEMS to be in a very quiet place right now, and the silence is deafening. The struggle to find my place in the void created by Dad's death is creating a lot of noise and confusion in my mind and body, as I try to fit myself into a comfortable spot within the void. I move about daily in a trance and go through the necessary paces, at times impatient and annoyed, and welcome my time alone, but am not accomplishing much. That is a relative statement as I am keeping my house neat, doing an efficient job at work, etc, but my wheels are spinning when it comes to a new focus or goals. I do feel that out of the deafening silence some motivation is going to arise.

It is feels like Fall here and we are having lovely clear sunny days with cool nights for sleeping.
PS....Ms G is at LM's still. We almost caught her and got her in the carrier but LM's grasp was not quite strong enough to keep her there. She bolted and hid for hours. Oh, well, I will be back there this weekend for 3 nights. Of course, those two are having a blast.


Julie said...

So good to hear from you and what you have been doing the last few weeks.
I think kitty, LM, and you should all be in one house on a regular basis; it seems to be what makes you all happy and content.

Blessings for a beautiful Labor Day weekend!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and nice of you to give someone your home for a week...hummm, lets see when I can get up there...Was there a lot of traffic on the cape with Kennedy's funeral? How far do you live to his place? I hear they are going to make it a Museum. That will be great!! your granddaughter looks like her mommy! Isn't she cute! Love those grandkids!...debbie