Monday, September 21, 2009

Letter from the Ex-Cat

It is truly lovely here in Harwich. There are warm nests for my sleeping comfort, and I especially love the double thick fleece blankets on LM's bed.

My favorite trick is to scare LM and make him jump....I get on the stairs and leap from a very high point onto the dining room table with a huge thud. It never fails to startle.

Mum came to visit on the weekend and we had a long time alone on Saturday night while LM went out to walk the beaches with his surf rods in search of striped bass. I had such fun with the fishing line and little plastic bits as LM rigged up his gear before fishing. Mummy and I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie. Purrrrrrrr.

During the day, I just love the french doors in the kitchen which allow me a perfect place to watch birds and follow the funny antics of the tail-less chipmunk who lives under the steps. Mummy planted some really pretty large pots of mums near the terrace and I've been watching the buzzing bees in the sunshine.

On Saturday Mummy moved the carrier from its usual position.....mmmmmm. What do you suppose that means?? Anyway, when Sunday afternoon came round, you can be sure I hid in the deepest recesses of the upstairs room where no one could get near me. They don't think I understand but I hear LM each time he says, "she must go home to be with you, as she is your baby, your comfort."

Before LM got up on Sunday morning, Mummy and I shared tea and breakfast and played our little chase game. Just like the old days, I hopped sideways at her with my tail and back blown up and Mummy came chasing after me....lotsa fun. I bet she thought I was preparing for Halloween!

Company came for a long visit on Sunday and there was lots of chatter and laughter. Kristi came by, too, and she came upstairs trying to find me many times, but my hiding skills are very keen.
Mummy brought a huge bouquet into the house and I had great fun chewing on the lacy bits.

Now it is quiet again, Mummy went home, and I have LM all to myself. I am helping him with all his computer work and making sure he stays in bed late to cuddle with me.

As "Torn Between two Lovers" plays, I am over and out. It's time for another nap, after I have some Temptations, which are always at my disposal, thanks to LM.
I'm wondering how Mummy is doing all alone......if only I could get over my fear of the car and be continued.


janet said...

What a sweet 'voice' Ms G has...this is charming!

Julie said...

Fantastic Ms. G, great hearing from you. I think you all need to live together under one roof so that you never have a car ride again.