Monday, September 14, 2009

Dancing at Sunset

As I have gotten older, I realize more than ever, that it is not the length of time which I spend with my darling LM, but the quality of our time, and the beauty which is in the simplicity.

We both had obligations on the weekend. On Saturday, LM went to swap out a car for a dealer in Bangor, ME (long ride!). For me it was a baby shower for a co-worker, planned as a cook-out but torrential rain found us in a large was really fun, and, and when it was time to leave, LM was just arriving home, so I joined him at his house for a very relaxing evening watching a movie. It was early to bed for us, as he had to be on the road again by 6:30 am to attend a meeting in Worcester. Ms G and I had some nice time together that morning as we slept in, listening to a soft rain. Knowing LM would be back by mid-afternoon, gave me time to come home and settle my things in, shop for produce to get me through the week, and then go back to do a little yard work at LM's before his return. By the way, he brought glorious sunshine back from the center of our state. It was just easy, no pressure, and we decided to eat out at a lovely restaurant on the Cape's northside in Dennis. Below is the garden welcome at "The Marshside." This place has been around for as long as I can remember, but last year the owners did a complete teardown and re-built a beautiful new building. It sits on the edge of a lovely marsh and from many windows there are views of numerous birdfeeders.

This was the view through the window from our table....looking across to Sesuit Harbor in E. Dennis
After finishing, we took a drive out to the harbor as there were reports of a manatee swimming in the harbor for the past few days. This happened last year, too. They come north by way of the warm waters of the gulf stream. We due hope he/she will find his way back to the south before the cold sets in here. We watched these amazing clouds, as well as many boats coming and going, and just savored the peacefulness we find in each other. No manatee sightings to report, though.
We were actually going to head back to LM's house and I suggested we go to watch sunset on the south side of the Cape at W. Dennis (I know it sounds crazy but E. Dennis is on the northside and W. Dennis is on the south, go figure!) This was the view through some rain drops when we first arrived. That is rain blurring the distance.
Quickly that stopped and the sky began to take on color. We parked in a little corner, and as we brought our vision in more closely off the horizon sailboat, we realized that the corner held a very magical treat. As the pictures below show, there was a feather dancing in an eddy. The dancing never stopped throughout the 45 minutes or so, while the sunset and the feather vied for our attention. We held each other close, and gave thanks for the miracles of nature, and reminded ourselves of the importance of keeping our vision close, as well. At times the feather danced as much as several feet away and back, and lifted up a foot or so.
There were others watching the sunset, too!
High drama began to set in.....
There was more rain

Just as we were leaving...

We really felt like we'd been touched by something very special and felt a strong sense of peace. The question was raised about gathering the feather to keep as a memory of this beautiful moment in time, but we both decided it was meant to stay there and dance. Back to LM's, we said our good nights (Ms G no where in sight), and as I drove home toward the east, the sky behind me was a brilliant magenta. The feeling has stayed with me all day, and LM, too. The feather will always dance in our souls.

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Sounds like a wonderful time. We are all fine and send our love , hope to see you soon give me a call. Samantha sends her loveXOXO