Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Priceless Gift for Teddy

Saturday evening LM and I had a date with this charmer!
I wasn't quick enough with the lens to get a shot of him standing by the door with his Daddy to greet us. He's a young man on the move these days, and the gates at all the doorways are proof. He wants to be everywhere, chuckling and shrieking as he goes...oh, how I love that baby shriek! Happy, happy baby.
Teddy, excitedly, had something to show me........a gift he received from his aunt, my very talented and loving sister, Margaret. His very own quilt with all sorts of "friends" and messages to find. (Forgive the bib, he's very drooly these days).

There is Mrs Cardinal perched in an upper corner....and a darling bunny leaping along
A happy robin singing....and even some chickens to celebrate our heritage.
This kitty, says, "Hello Teddy," and is a tabby to match Teddy's cat, Sting.

Little hearts include Teddy's Dad, Mom, and cat, Sting

It is more beautiful than words or photos can portray. Handquilted, exquisitely, by one of Margaret's good friends, they collaborated on the many messages for Teddy which cover the quilt. Tears of sheer gratitude and joy were shed as I held this lovely gift and my dear Teddy!

After all the excitement, BT fell sound asleep as we took a drive to have Cambodian food! YUM!
A lovely evening.
PS....he did wake up in time to charm fellow diners with his chuckling.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing quilt!! It's beautiful!Your sister and friend do just amazing work together. It really is a treasure! I love the fall colors!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you, Debbie. It is just the most beautiful gift.

Poppy said...

The quilt is lovely! Such talent!