Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lunchtime Views

My usual daily routine has really been disrupted the last few weeks with the arrival of the great white sharks along our coastline. They are gone now, and many seals were eaten (a good thing, as we have WAY too many - the balance of nature in force).

Because of the sharks, there has been no parking possible at the lighthouse unless you wait and circle. My lunch time doesn't allow that, so I sought other spots to enjoy and thought you might like to see one of my "new" views. These photos were taken at Stage Harbor. It is at the south east point of Chatham, a busy working port for fisherman, and empties out into Nantucket Sound passing by Monomoy Island. The first shot is looking NW at the Harbormasters building, with navigational markers lined up for maintenance. They will be placed in the ever changing boating lanes to guide mariners away from shallow water..."green left, red right returning." Looking east and across part of the harbor, in the distance is a lovely house built by my firm a few years back. Looking in closer, there are several men in the water quohauging (hard shell clams). They are running huge rakes along the sea floor in search of these delicious treats.

This view to the southwest toward Nantucket Sound
A close-up of a seasoned quohauger.
AlthoughI I drive by this place often, it was a delight to spend some time watching the working fisherman and muse on the fact that Chatham was originally a sleepy fishing village. On another day last week, I ate lunch on the other side of this harbor and watched boat after boat come in with heavy crates of clams. These fishermen and women work so hard. Their catch brings high price, but it is tough work, especially in the cold months. Next month they will be raking for scallops. They are quite rare these days, and those tasty nuggets are VERY expensive. The best are from Nantucket.
Good to have a different view, and that applies to all aspects of life.
PS. I finally got a parking place at the lighthouse today!


janet said...

I always love your photos. I took my Mum to see Chatham last week, and you're right...trying to find a spot near the lighthouse was like playing musical chairs. We gave up and found a side street with almost the same view. No sharks...but beautifully-dancing waters out there! (I can see why the Pilgrims took a look at those wild waters and continued North to Provincetown harbor.)

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Janet, and I am so happy you got over to take a look around here. It is so beautiful right now and we have a touch of early color.
Isn't it wonderful how the water dances by the lighthouse? If you got down to the end of Holway St, you are really low there and can get a wonderful view.

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos. Esp. the old gray buildings. So neat. My dad used to sail off Nantucket. He was quite the sailor and sailed many sailboats out of the Bridgeport, CT bay. He and my mom used to go to Cape Cod in their younger days. I love New England...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

You live in such a lovely spot.
I have never visited your area.