Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I love all the seasons here on Cape Cod. Our Spring occurs late and the winds contain a sharp bite deep into May, thus the verdant green coming forth after the stark beauty of winter is so welcome. Summer is short, heralded by the warm and soft breezes, and when the sun warms our faces, we are sure why we choose to live here, but when the equinox announces Fall, Cape Cod remains warm and we have the most picture perfect clear days and cool nights. The marshes begin to turn the most heavenly hues of gold and burgundy. Our temperatures are warmer because we are nearly surrounded by water, thus the foliage changes come late compared to the inland trees. The exceptions are the sugar and swamp maples. I see this tree every morning on my way to work, and as I stopped to take this photo, I thought just how symbolic the STOP sign is, as I just want to stop time for a little bit to prolong the beauty, and the clear light of Fall. My spirit feels light this Fall and I want to savor this feeling. It has been a long time coming. This photo was taken last week, and I noticed this morning that half the leaves have already fallen. STOP


janet said...

My new October calendar page notes this month...

'Autumn reminds us that change is beautiful.' (anon)

It seems to fit your post & my feelings, too.

Anonymous said...

It seems fitting. A new season and a new beginning for you. It appears quite fitting!...debbie