Monday, September 28, 2009

The Queen Ruling her Kingdom

Saturday was the most glorious Fall day and I was up and out of LM's early to have some work done on my car and do a little shopping.
Ms G, meanwhile, was seen ruling her kingdom and it is very obvious that her chief subject is well under control!
First several pictures around the house....the sedum is beautiful right now in many places. We put little gourds and pumpkins above the front door....Love that little shelf.
Whipping her subject into submission with her tail. She was repeatedly hitting LM as he was trying to enjoy some relaxation after mowing the lawn.....eating home made rhubarb pie! She leaps from the dining room table to the back of this chair and creates a startle every time.

Sitting in the bedroom hallway, staring intently, as we are taking much too long to fill her need for treats.
No work on the computer could be accomplished without this sort of help, and also there was plastic with tape on it to be chewed (kitty crack to Ms G) in LM's to be filed pile.

It was a lovely weekend.....story of a special visit with Baby Teddy and parents, and a priceless gift, coming tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOH! I love the Door!! What a cute shelf! I want one!! Enjoyed your photos of Ms. G, she really gets around doesn't she! lol - quite the little helper!...debbie