Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surfcasting with a true "Saltie"

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend by ordering fried clams to take-out, heading to nearby West Dennis Beach to enjoy them, and, for Mr. Cape Cod "Catch a Fish," aka LM, to fish for several hours. It was truly a spectacular night of fishing with striped bass and bluefish aplenty. This is the beach where LM always takes his students on their field trip as they learn to surfcast at the hands of a pro. On Friday evening the beach was lined with fisherman, but guess who was catching a fish on almost every cast. He attracted an admiring crowd and I was able to get a few photos of the process before the light of the day faded.
After doning his waders and other fishing gear, he threads the line on one of his trusty rods.

Everything he needs for fishing, is neatly organized and stowed int eh trunk of his car, ready, at a moment's notice to be used.
Up and over the bulkhead to the beach, toting all his gear...

Bluefish on the first cast
Yet another bluefish, and that was the story for the next two hours. He gave away all the fish he caught...about 20. It is a mighty workout as these fish really are strong swimmers. At this time of the year they are in close to shore feeding voraciously as they head north on their migratory journey. They will be around until June and then return again in the Fall.
End of the evening....
Meanwhile, the next day began like this for Ms. G...she has a very tough life.
We spent a rainy Saturday cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards and re-organizing at LM's house. A very cathartic process which yielded me a set of three 10" cake pans. Bob had so many wonderful things hidden away. On my list of errands for the weekend was, "buy 10" cake pans. I'm making my mother's special strawberry cake for Teddy's christening party next Sunday.

In the evening we relaxed and watched a very cute/quirky British movie, "Happy-go-Lucky."

Sunday we got more work done and had visits from baby Teddy, his Dad, Jason, and daughter Sara and her family. Pix of that event are sorely lacking because I was too busy holding Teddy. I did give him up so that Sara could hold him for a bit. Samantha was so jealous because Teddy was in my lap. I felt so bad. I must give her some one on one time. She is not ready to share her Nana. I love the look on Teddy's face here...LM had just turned on the kitchen chandelier and he was looking up like a little bird.
All day Monday was spent trying, and I say TRYING, to conquer the garden/yard at LM's. We made incredible headway and accomplished things I never thought we would get to. A lot of trimming and pruning was done and we began the process of removing years of ivy growth from around the base of the house. It had completely covered the front steps and is along the base of the house on three sides. It was even making its way into the house under the front door! LM worked for hours hacking away at the front step growth and he made a lot of progress. It is all coming out!! I trimmed briars off of lovely rhododendrons and uncovered the entire front fence. My arms are covered with scratches, etc, but it is so worth it to see the progress. Another major accomplishment was the removal of a huge dead holly bush and shrub. Several years ago a truck went off the road and drove into the yard on the side (the house is on the corner of a street), and cut a swath which did the damage. My "Paul Bunyan" was in there with an axe, a saw, and other equipment. They looked pretty bad! Now it is all cleared away. We must have made 25-30 trips to the brush pile. A great workout. We ended the day with lobster rolls and a little ride. Perfect!
These photos show the work we have ahead with the ivy which is growing up the front of the house. We worked for 6 hours!
LM hacks away at the front steps. He hacked and I hauled it away.

To be continued......The upcoming week is going to be very busy so not much else will get done but we will be back to it, ASAP.


One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for sharing the progress. I am so pleased for you all is going well. What a beautiful home.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very hard and long process. I helped my aunt once pulling English Ivy off her brick house and it was just Murder!! They hare tough and strong and then leave behind those little brown thingies...yuck - don't envy you at that job at ALL!! But the end result will be amazing!! Hope we get pictures when all done!...debbie