Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slogging Along

Slogging has been the operative word this has rained everyday, and each morning I arrived at work soggy and with bad hair!! When the sun came out for a few hours yesterday, we were all blinded by the light....light we needed so much. It was another time of saying good-bye to beloved co-workers this week. Three more people were let go and yesterday the office was eerily subdued as their absence echoed in every corner. This is an all too common event in many workplaces right now and it is traumatic for those gone and those left behind. There is a hollowness in the office and in my heart.

In other news, Ms G continues to make a happy adjustment to being home. She is playing more now and I often find her tucked in beside me in my chair, gazing up at me and purring.
LM came over for dinner on Wednesday night and it took her awhile, but she finally jumped in his lap and gave him some love. We had delicious swordfish, took a walk in the village and then watched a movie...he's the best date!

Also, this week, tenterhooks have a hold as we wait out the period in which someone can object to Bob's will which left the house and contents, etc to LM. What a terribly awkward place to be....Tues is the deadline - 4 more days.

Today is a full day. I am headed off-Cape to have lunch with a friend from many years ago. We connected again at Dad's funeral. Before lunch, I will stop at my brother's to pick up some things of Dad's which I can use at home, and I also plan to buy a new sewing machine today, as it will be needed for the quilts I have in progress. I've been using a borrowed machine and will return it.
After all that, I am meeting childhood friends in Plymouth for a visit. They are in from CA for a class reunion and really enjoying being near the ocean and having fried clams and lobster rolls!

Mother's Day will find LM and I sharing a walk with baby Teddy and his Daddy. Here's hoping we can have some sunshine!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone......Love from Ms G and me!


mrspao said...

Hope all goes ok for you. Glad to hear Mrs G is happier.

One Woman's Journey said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. All will turn out the way it is suppose too. Blessings sent your way.

Beverly said...

Happy Mother's Day...

Been wondering about LM and the outcome....hope all goes ok.

Anonymous said...

and a Very, Very Happy Mother's Day to you!...debbie

Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY with love from all of us and special XOXO from Samantha.