Monday, May 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ms G all snuggled into the spot just vacated by yours truly!
"Why are you disturbing me! I have waited almost two months to be back in this spot and I have a lot of resting to do!"
We've had quite a wonderful homecoming here. After many hours, she finally came to me on Saturday and once I was in bed, she got herself as close as she could possibly be and never left my side all night. I could almost feel how stressed she had been, and she's just been spending every minute wanting love and contact. It works both ways here and I feel so much better!
On the other side of town, there is a very lonely and sad man.....our dear LM is missing Ms G very much and keeps expecting her to appear.

It turned out to be a nice weekend and I got a lot done. I'm well in to a quilting project which already has a nice rhythm later. Yesterday afternoon LM and I shared a nice fish dinner and then watched a delightfully funny and tender older movie, "The Kingfisher" with Rex Harrison and Wendy Hiller. It was a loving and enjoyable time....we are so very happy together and so at ease no matter what is going on. In my grief I was testy and unpleasant last week, yet, my dear love just offers acceptance and loving arms.

It continues to rain but everything is very green and pretty. Tonight I've been preparing for our Cinco de Mayo celebration at work tomorrow....I am bringing guacamole and a huge Texas sheet cake with fudge frosting...a fantastic recipe from Pioneer her site.

Feels good to be out of the doldrums today, for that I am grateful, and somehow, I am grateful for the lows, too. There is no rhyme nor reason to just is. This Saturday I will be visiting Dad's grave for the first time but I am looking upon it as an opportunity not an obstacle.

I'm so happy MS G is home!!!


Beverly said...

so glad you are both coming around...see, she really missed you and was probably pouting....

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I think you are right....even though she was playing, loving and seemed OK at LM's, she was suffering. He said the last few weeks, she would look at him and just cry. This morning he said he is hatching another way to catnap her back....just kidding, I am sure. He misses, her!

One Woman's Journey said...

I am glad your companion is back home. Take care in all your matters. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Ah! things are getting back to the way they should be and I'm sure she missed you as much as you missed her and probably knew you were upset and did what she thought you wanted her to do - without too much resistance...but now that she is home, she is probably letting you know, that she knows you are hurting. Animals just know those things. Perhaps the days will start picking up and the sun light will seem brighter for you both...debbie