Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Ms G and a walk in Chatham's Old Village

Now that her Mummy is back from the dogs, Ms G is a very happy girl, once more. As soon as I got out of bed yesterday morning, she climbed right in to the quilts and made a nest in the very spot where I had been happily sleeping after a long week away. She stayed there all day!
Yesterday (Friday) was the most glorious Cape Cod day, so I made a plan to walk on my lunch hour and knew just where I wanted to be....the Old Village in Chatham. The last few months, as I have been grieving Dad and Bob, there have been few walks, and much inertia, so it felt good to get out and enjoy all the beauty around me. Many will be arriving to open their houses for the season this weekend, so the landscapers have been out and about planting, mowing and cleaning up. Everything looks so beautiful. I love the quaintness and the "old" feeling in this area. A very strict historic committee regulates anything that is done in this part of town, so it is beautifully preserved, even the trees. I parked my car at the lighthouse and these pretty lilacs greeted me as I crossed the street to begin my walk. Looking to my left there were views such as this between all the houses. The ocean was the most beautiful green color.
This house occupies a lovely corner and has such a large amount of open space enhanced by one of the largest copper beech trees I have ever seen.
There are numerous horse chestnut trees in the old village.
This house was a general store in the 1700's and was beautifully restored by my company in 2oo6. New owners have just had us add a summer kitchen in the back and this week we installed the beautiful copper mermaid weathervane. Project is almost done.

Can you see the whale? This whale-cut privet hedge is a neighborhood tradition and appears to be swimming inland from the ocean.
Lovely lobelia on the door step of another award-winning restoration.
This house is a village icon and the porch so inviting with its pink geranium planters.
Huge hostas
Coming back around toward the lighthouse, another view of the copper beech looking toward the water. The tree with the white flowers is a horse chestnut.
Tree canopy's are carefully preserved here, as well.
Back to my parking spot....I always stop here in the morning on my way to work. It looks different every time.
It really was a healing walk and the rest of the day was fun, too....They let us go 2 hours early at work so I headed to LM's to work in the garden and later went down to the beach with him while he fished for 2 hours and caught a LOT of fish! As always, Mr. "Catch a Fish" drew a big crowd. Pictures of that event later. The day ended with a beautiful sunset.
West Dennis Beach.


One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for the journey through your world. Take Care

Beverly said...

Thank you for the trip through one of my favorite places. yesterday would have been our anniversary, I wonder if he remembered too?

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thank you for stopping is such a beautiful place and I am so grateful to have it nearby. I am so excited about your project coming along so well!

One would wonder if they remember the important dates, wouldn't you? Anyway, I am so happy that time brought you to Chatham. It is so special. Hope you had a lovely long weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great tour!! I really enjoyed it. It is so nice to see New England homes. I guess that is one thing I miss. Being born in Connecticut I still love the stone walls and homes that are so cozy looking. I would love to visit Cape Cod. Might do that this summer and drag my cousin along with me. Bob has no interest in the East...he was born in WV so he doesn't know what he is missing. He won't go which I think is not being very I drive to Connectiuct myself and visit with my cousin. What does your Company do? Restore older homes? How neat is THAT!!!...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Debbie,
Hope you had a lovely weekend away.
I would love to show you around Cape Cod so we must connect if you decide to come. My employer is and you can see what we do. We design and build new houses but also do a lot of renovation/restoration projects.
Very interesting.