Friday, May 29, 2009

Creative Inspiration

Here's what is saving my sanity........

Muse, quality control inspector and assistant.....known to be a thread thief, as well!
From somewhere the past few weeks, creativity has taken over my thoughts and hands! perhaps it has been spawned by working in LM's garden, and being out in nature where healing has often come to me. Many years ago, I made some beautiful quilts as I was healing from cancer surgery and treatments. At that time I was working with very muted colors; soft greens and pinks seemed to soothe my soul and eyes. Now, I am working with very bright colors, using a fun theme, and just having the best time using fabrics which would ordinarily have grated against my norm of neutrals and perfectly matched pieces. It feels so good! There are many more blocks to make but I have an efficient assembly line set up and am managing to make 2-3 a day.
The fact that I have some babies in my life who need to have their own quilts is also the impetus. There are some older grandchildren who are due a quilt from Nana, too, and those will come next.
Today would have been Mum and Dad's 67th wedding anniversary. It is almost a relief that Dad is not alive to pass by this date once more without his beloved Eleanor. It is a special date in many ways and I will be sending wishes to my dear brother and his wife as they chose to honor Mum and Dad by marrying on May 29th, as well.
Back to my sewing!


Anonymous said...

Great Scott!! What a beautiful kitty quilt!! I am ever so jealous.
I am going to the quilting center sometime this summer and plan on learnin' how to quilt. Guess I need a sewing machine...hummmm maybe for my birthday in June. My mom and dad's Anniversary was May 4th and would have been 63 for them. Bob's mom and dad's Anniv was May 12th and it would have been at least 66 for them. Ours is August 14th and it will be #38!!

One Woman's Journey said...

You are so talented. Sewing is not a talent I possess. Your quilts are beautiful.

Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

What beautiful work and something your grandkids will treasurer for a long long time.

My 17 year old has an afghan that was made for him as a baby and he occasionally is found wrapped up in it. Cosy and comforting. I expect your quilts will be the same.

Anonymous said...

Mama this is coming out so nice and I see of course you have plenty of help. Of course then again she could just be leaving her own little mark so everyone knows she helped you.

bySarah said...

Great squares.
I hope your creativity lasts!!