Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Necessary Evil

No breakfast for me this morning, except my beloved Earl Gray tea.....Today begins prep for a colonoscopy for moi tomorrow. It will not be fun, but is a relatively short period of discomfort/distress to be certain I am "healthy." The magic potion is mixed up and I will work half a day today before coming home to begin the process. This may seem like too much information to share here, but I hope it will inspire others to have this test, perhaps to save their lives. Being a two-time cancer survivor already, I need to be vigilant with my health, and colon cancer is preventable.....someday there will be an easier test, one would hope.

My wonderful LM will be my driver and observer when I come home tomorrow. I'm in good hands. Ms G will be here waiting to cuddle and purr me back to normal.

Today is the final day an objection can be filed to Bob's will. LM received a call last night which gave us great hope that things will go smoothly for us...tenterhooks still hold us but positive thought rises to the surface often. Strange place to be. It has been interesting to watch how LM coped with this waiting time.....another opportunity to really "know" someone. He has good character.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck tomorrow! If there can be a funny outcome in this procedure, it is the time when you are being driven home and hours after you get there...you just never know what you might say or do. A lot of funny stories have been told regarding this "time". Perhaps LM should record you beginning in the car...lol...good luck...debbie

One Woman's Journey said...

Good Luck. I have had this procedure done twice. Did not bother me at all.