Saturday, May 2, 2009

Breaking NEWS

Two posts in one day, but this is important news......
In a sudden turn of events, the sweet, if not a bit wily and wild, namesake of this blog, has been returned from where she was being held captive!! Her captor, a bit shaken and sheepish, brought her home at 3:30 pm today!!

Ms. G is re-acclimating herself and has not come near me yet, but she has eaten some treats and been spotted skulking around checking every inch of her former home.

LM, aka the captor, could only stay a short time after the return and he was, at once, sad and happy, to re-unite me with my sweet girl. They bonded and it was wrenching for him to defy her trust in him by stashing her in the carrier.

Siege is over.
Getting ready to watch the Kentucky Derby!


One Woman's Journey said...

Enjoy your weekend. Your furry friend has returned. You are in a good place. Blessings sent your way.

Anonymous said...

Allll Riiiiiiight!!!Now you have your pal back home things will be much better. Poor LM, he is going to be lonely...:( ...debbie

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Ernestine...ah, yes, it is sweet to have her back. She had a traumatic trip in the car and that worried LM so much but within 4 hours she was back to sitting in my lap and cuddling.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

If you have basic sewing skills and a good sewing machine, you could easily make a log cabin- style quilt from your Dad's shirts. I may do the same with some of my Dad's shirts. You just use strips and I'd be happy to talk you through it.
Ms G is a happy girl and so am I!

Anonymous said...

I do have good sewing skills - thanks to my mom who made my sister and I sew. I have sewn (SP?) all my life and love it and find it relaxing. My father-in-law one day, many years ago, took my sewing machine to have the tension fixed on it and then after the guy wanted $26.00 to fix it got mad and SOLD it!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked and mad. Bob (hubby), pleaded with me to forgive him and not make a fuss, so I didn't - but never got another to replace it. But I might just buy a new simple one because I have been wanting one to make the girl's some dresses. I made our daughter the cutest dresses when she was little. A friend of mine taught me how to make french seams, so a lot of her dresses I used french seams and made them reversable, so she had twice the amount of dresses! It was fun. But, yes, I'd love your help...debbie

Beverly said...

Oh he had so better watch out, she may not he his girlfriend since he brought her home.....
I saw the mention of the quilts, and wanted to tell you my grandmother made a quilt of my grandfather's ties. She used the ties whole, did not cut them up, so it is heavy.
She gave it to my then oldest teenage son who was so fond of ties. he cherishes it still.

amy in ct said...

good to hear she is back
and also good to hear you are being creative. i too was creative yesterday and today and made some jewelry, first in many many months. it felt good but now i probably wont make any for a month! ha!
hope all is well