Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Power of Ms G

Amidst a very tense time of discussion on the weekend, LM looked down beside his chair to this cute site. She was upset by the mood in her world, and did her very best to distract us. It worked! LM, looked down, chuckled, reached for his camera, leaned over the side of his chair and took these photos.
We think she was trying to talk to us here.
This sweet pose just melted our hearts.
Later in the morning LM found her gazing out the window.
My favorite view! She spent a lot of time on the bed this weekend and before I left on Sunday, I just buried my face in her softness and sobbed. It helped somehow.
From the Wednesday morning perspective, there is a return to a loving feeling between LM and me, each one of us is doing all we can to seek out help for John. So far ALL the government agencies which say they help young offenders at risk of re-offending have turned us away cold. No help. The other aspect of our search is medical help and John and LM were able to make an appointment with a Community Action Council agency for Friday morning. They should, at least, be able to get him set up with some counseling, health care and evaluation for other agencies.
Meanwhile, every second we are away from John, the worry is all-consuming and it is tough to focus on any thing else. This morning, John's sister is taking him to the Housing Assistance office. Finding a job seems impossible. The fact that he is a felon (driving a stolen car) is bad enough, when trying to find a job, but we have a mostly seasonal economy with many business closed until Spring. Any of the major companies do all their hiring corporately now, so no local store owner is available to give a struggling young person a hand up, as used to be the case.

Last night I had an appointment with my acupuncturist, Jenny. She is a wonderful woman and always asks about everything happening in my life. As I relayed our current journey with John she felt compelled to say she would see John to counsel/treat him at a very reduced rate. We will be taking him there next week. She is a very wise, no-nonsense woman and I think Jenny has the power to make a difference.

UPDATE: John had a positive meeting with the Housing Assistance Corp this morning and has an appointment with a counselor tomorrow. They help with much more than homelessness!
Also, tomorrow, LM and John will meet with their attorney to discuss the next steps and find out if and when John may be returned to prison. Fingers crossed, prayers said, we just want John to have the chance to receive counseling and begin the road to recovery. Returning to prison will be a disaster for us all.
I've been offered the opportunity to house sit on Fri and Sat. so have suggested to LM that he bring John to his house for a nice dinner and just sit and watch a funny movie. Get the focus off the troubles right now and have a little fun. Make the most of each day.

A message from Ms. G.....peace, love and happiness must prevail! We're doing our best, little one!!
Thanks everyone for your messages of support and understanding. This major boat rocking may have been a big nudge by the universe to take action.


Linda said...

Blessings on you as you work through this time in your lives.

Aren't cats wonderful as healers?

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Ms G is such an angel... I wish she could meet my Lola! I'm sure they'd be great friends (or not... let's be honest, you know how cats are! :p)

John will be in my prayers. I do hope things work out for him ♥

judemiller1 said...

I think animals can sense things--like stress in our lives and bad feelings in our souls. I think I would just hold her and sit in a rocking chair and rock and tell her, "all will be well."

Prayers everyday for you and LM and John.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed my post wasn't here! wonder what I did wrong?? Love the photos of Ms G. She so cute! I would love to run my fingers through her thick gray fur. Hope things are coming together for John. I know it's such a worry for those who love him. Am saying little prayers for all of you...debbie