Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday Funnies a la Ms G

It takes a matter of seconds after new things are brought in to the house for Ms G to go crazy inspecting! Sunday, we came in with the makings of two Christmas door swags and she had a field day. I set down the ribbon and other things needed to make bows and she was after them in a flash, dragging them off to be chewed.
Here she is watching me make a bow. I had to stand in the middle of the kitchen to keep her away.
She was almost made right into it
Next I began laying out the greens to assemble the piece. I was trying to get LM to remove the little critter but he was too busy taking pictures and laughing himself silly (a happy sound to hear in light of the days we've just had)
She loved running her nose over the greens and sniffing every bit carefully.
This cat is just plain crazy and at this point she had to be removed. I was afraid the greens would make her sick.
For LM.....all greens from his garden.....mess under the stairs is fishing related. Oh well....he loves it.
Styling by Kristi! (Not a real gun in the corner, there.....pellets for the coyotes!)

Earlier in the day.....
Ms G at her pathetic best.....she's waiting for her manservant to retrieve her favorite playtoy of the moment, but he's taking his sweet time getting his morning coffee. Seems that her little furry ball rolled under the grandfather clock in the kitchen. No matter how much she extended her front legs, she could not reach it, so her only choice was to manipulate dear LM into fetching the furry ball retrieval tool, the back scratcher. Her wait seemed endless and these looks were just more than we could stand. She does this staring thing all the time, and will not give up.
Warning: x-rated photo coming up.....finally he is ready to do her bidding,
...but first a little back scratch...mmmmmmm...she wanted to help the search.
LM goes through this process several times a day.....he really has no choice. He COULD block the point where the ball rolls under the clock but he feels it would spoil Ms G's fun. Huh???? Well, he loves it.
Ahhhh, and we were laughing so hard at this point.........Ms G was at my feet watching his every move.
After all that fun, it was finally time for my morning tea but first I needed a hug from Ms G. Sometime, I must try to record this process because picking her up evokes all kinds of squawking and squeaking. It is so funny. She finally settled in my arms for a few minutes and it felt so good, my tired eyes showing over her "owl" ears, and those cute little front paws. Dear girl, we so love the fun you bring to our lives!!Late morning Ms G retreats to her lair in the upstairs - a large open storage area, where she has made what we call the cave, for herself. She even has her own Christmas tree on a timer, and gets nice sunshine.

Time for a long winter's nap. After a bit she pulls the quilt so she is completely covered.
Thanks for being our very cute comic relief, Ms G.


Linda said...

I do love that cat!

Kittie Howard said...

That's exactly how Chena looked at hub when she wanted something Right Now. Like LM, he melted!

I really, really enjoyed these photos, Kitty. Ms G's room is perfect for the queen she is (her own Christmas tree, love it!)

I think Ms G is your Christmas angel!!

judemiller1 said...

I miss not having a cat. She is precious as all get out.