Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Week we Wish that Wasn't, almost

We were happy to see Thanksgiving week coming with all its promised deliciousness, family warmth and happiness. LM and I said good-bye on Sunday evening with happy hearts knowing we would have a short week apart and be together again on Thursday morning. When my phone rang at 5:30 am on Monday morning, I was awake reading the paper and having my tea. First thoughts were, it can only be LM, and maybe Ms G has done something else totally outrageous, OR, is something very wrong. I knew immediately that something funny was not happening. LM was on his way to bail his one and only son out of jail! We'd worked very hard and hoped so much that John would not re-offend. As our newspaper prominently wrote on Thanksgiving morning, "hapless thieves are caught redhanded." Suffice it to say there was B & E into a restaurant involved, they locked themselves out of the getaway car and were found with their cache of alcohol, cigars and CHEESECAKE! Craziness. John is now free on bail, back to work and facing a court hearing this week. We are feeling very devastated, sad, you name it.
Everything else from that call on, has had a pall of sadness over it. We are going through the motions of coping with total helplessness. We had hoped beyond belief that John would stay straight this time. It is heartbreaking!
Meanwhile, I'm working on a post about our turkey day, and we are spending time at LM's cleaning, therapeutically cleaning, moving things, making trips to the transfer station and coping as we can.
I'll be back in a few days. Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

Oh how I hate to hear this. We had a similar experience with Bob's niece in Houston, TX. Those early morning calls seldom mean anything good.

I've spent hours on the phone with my sister-in-law. All the joy is gone out of the lives of our brother and sister-in-law. The niece is 46 now and they've fought the insideous drug war with her since she was 16.

Sometimes I look at them and they remind me of the bones of a dried carcus the vultures have picked clean. Their lives, as well as hers, are in ashes now.

My heart goes out to you and LM.

Anonymous said...

I am so so sad to read about John. I know how hard LM has worked and you both have worried about him. What a shame. I can only imagine how devistated you all are. And all this over alcohol, cigars and cheesecake. I am just so sorry. Will be looking forward to your Thanksgiving photos. I've got only a few, but haven't even downloaded them yet. My prayers are with you and LM...debbie

Beverly said...

Many thoughts and prayers coming your way...I hope things look up soon....Your friend Beverly

judemiller1 said...

Kids can drive you crazy-even when they aren't your own. I am so sorry--sending good thoughts. Maybe this time he will learn his lesson?