Monday, December 6, 2010

Seismic Shift

As the weekend approached, the tension and tears were intensifying with every minute. Having a 24 hour span out at my boss's house to tend the dogs, was actually just what I needed. After a bracing walk in nature, I could see clearly that my behavior was creating more chaos for LM. I needed to step back, and let him handle the issues with his son in his own way. Sounds simple, but it worked. LM said he was never really upset with me, just trying to get through and he understood where I was coming from.
Come along on the walk I took Saturday afternoon in the Scatteree area of North Chatham. As I walked along, there was not another soul in sight, I stopped to look through the brush at one of my favorite houses. The view of the house and salt pond obscured by thick branches, just like my actions had been blocking my judgment. As I took a few more steps, there visible, was a beautiful family of swans, gliding in the afternoon sunlight. Perfect beauty in the silence.
In the distance you can see the barrier beach just off our coast. There are about 9 houses left on the beach which have not been washed away in storms. Sturdy stalwarts, they are.
The marsh grasses are golden right now as winter falls.

This house sits right on the water at the north end of Chatham Harbor. It has always seemed so romantic and almost haunted. No one is there most of the year.
The swans were swimming toward the sun and diving frequently for food.
I walked a short distance north and saw this boat out for a spin. The tide and currents were very swift as the boat headed for the break in the barrier beach. Dangerous area....I was relieved to see the boat turn before trying to pass through that opening. As it turned to head back, the tide carried it south so quickly that I thought he would be unable to complete the turn.
As I walked back to my car the sun was lighting up this autumn jasmine high in the trees.
Bittersweet vines turning their deep red. Love the low afternoon light.
Back to the doggies and this lovely arrangement on the steps of their house.
Liza came around to see what I was doing......she was missing her "Mom." Sammy was deep in the back yard barking at who knows what. So many coyotes in their neighborhood.
Beautiful holly berries!
This little collection of pears has been on the kitchen window sill for it. The three on the left are candles.
I love sitting in this chair to read or meditate...beautiful southern exposure.So after that lovely walk and a bit of playtime with the dogs, I was through with my duties there, and it was finally time to be with LM. After a very tense week, we were able to put talk of John aside and focus on our love and some plans for the holidays.
One last shot from the doggies' house....this poinsettia was an interesting reddish-gold color and looked so pretty on the dining table. I felt privileged that my boss asked me to come and stay with the dogs. There were peace, fun and clarity waiting for me and I soaked it up and felt renewed.
Next up I have some Ms G adventures from Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I did enjoy my walk around the pond, thank goodness it's warm in here. I really do hate the cold. Was glad to hear LM left John in jail. Sometimes that's the best thing to do. It's obvious he doesn't care if he does illegal things and doesn't care if he gets dad upset...he knows he'll get him out - so I was glad to hear he didn't. Make him take responsibility for his bad actions and choices. And you did good by just not saying anymore. I know it's hard, but, it's the best thing. I feel for LM too, I hope he becomes stronger in dealing with John. It's such a sad situation that will only continue. My heart goes out to you both...((hugs)) ...debbie

Linda said...

I need to give you the talk I gave my sister-in-law this morning. You cannot change the behavior of others. You can only control yourself. How much bad behavior do you want to carry? Lay it aside and let LM deal with it.

judemiller1 said...

I heard that same thing on Joyce Meyer last week. You can never change anyone else, You can only change your own behavior. It is best not to meddle in other's business (unless asked, I suppose). I need to remember this ALL THE TIME.

Thanks for the walk around the pond--your bosses house is beautiful inside.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks, Debbie, Linda and Judy. When I was walking I heard myself loud and clear struggling to change the behavior of others and realized my only choice was to put the brakes on that idea and focus on what I can control and that is my behavior.
This too shall pass, or maybe not, but I am grateful for your friendship and the awareness i have today.

One Woman's Journey said...

Marcia, you said the right words and I do not need to repeat.
Thank you for letting me join you on the walk.
You know who I stay concerned about?
"you" - take care of yourself.