Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

Happily I have today off and after being woken by my canine charges at 4 am, I found myself over at my house by 5:50 am. Love driving in the very early morning. I've just completed a strawberry chiffon pie for Christmas dinner tomorrow at LM's....used another of my Mum's customary holiday treats. Also in waiting, is a large jar of hot fudge sauce to take to Christmas Eve dinner at son, Jason's tonight....cannot wait to see Teddy. LM and I will be making our way there about 4 today. Before that, I must get my house back in order, tend to the dogs, and also go to Orleans to feed my friend's cat, Khaos, whom I am caring for until Monday. Busy time for me but happy I can help out my boss and friends while they are away over Christmas.
LM is doing all the Christmas dinner will involve fish and lots of veggies. I'm very grateful.

We are awaiting another huge snowstorm! It is ill-timed as my grandson, Jared (Anne's oldest) and girlfriend, Jessica, are due to arrive here for a week on Monday, early in the day, from Florida. The forecast is for the snow to start Sunday and not to end until late Monday, with the Cape getting the heaviest snow. They may have to stop before reaching the northeast as neither of them have driven in snow before, and, for that matter, Jessica has never seen snow. Part of me hopes we will have a beautiful snowfall to greet them, but the hassle and danger of driving is a worry. They plan to stay at my house, and I will take up residence with LM and Ms G for a week....mmmmmmm. Heaven! We'll be taking them around to see Cape Cod in the winter and for Jessica it will be a first trip to new England so there will be lots to see.

Well, that is about it for now. Sending out lots of love and best wishes to all my family and blog friends. May you have a peaceful beautiful Christmas/holiday, and be surrounded by love, beauty and delicious things to eat.


Annie Joy said...

Sounds like you and your family have a wonderful Christmas to look forward to. Hope everything goes well for your loved ones who are driving. Merry Christmas! Annie

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones! Marcia, you are an inspiration. I love your positive attitude, your cheer, your ability to get joy from everyday things. You are one of a kind! I too am enjoying a gorgeous winterland here in NY. Luv ya! Sylvia

Anonymous said...

Today is monday - after Christmas - just now catching up...sounds like you are a very busy lady!! Hope your family made it without any problems. A whole week with LM!! wow wheee! that is just great!! And Ms Graysea will have both her loves for a whole week!! Perfect!! ...debbie