Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things Happen for a Reason

Friday night was the office Christmas party and it was really a lovely time. An opportunity to spend time with various co-workers and spouses, most especially my boss's wife and Mom to the two doggies I spend a lot of time with. We firmed up the plans for my stay there 12/17-12/27 while they go on a catamaran cruise in the British West Indies. The doggies have been undergoing some training with an ace dog trainer and I needed to learn the new routine. I think I'm ready!
Anyway, LM was unable to go to the party with me so I arrived late to his house and was so happy to just sit on the sofa with him and catch up on our respective news. Ms G was in full "time to go to bed, people" mode, and soon we were happily snoozing.
I was wide awake at 5:15 am feeling the best I have in awhile, thinking about the fact that I needed to get up and do some baking in preparation for Teddy's party. All of a sudden I realized that I had left one of Teddy's gifts at my house so I quickly hopped up, got dressed and was headed to the car. I loved all the things I saw on this little journey.....first, Ms G had been a bit agitated at my rush, I thought, but in reality, when I opened the back door in the early pre-dawn light, there was her "arch enemy" the large tabby cat who frequents the back steps. What a beauty. We both stopped in our tracks and made eye contact for a few seconds. Loved it. Ms G did not! Off to the car, I drove the 8 miles as the sun was getting ready to rise. What a perfect way to start the day. The forgotten items were quickly retrieved and I was on my way back to LM's, my path lit so beautifully by the sunrise. As I approached the Herring River, there was a low shaft of light shining down into the glade and there was a huge blue heron on the bank. Normally that area is dark and deep and I cannot see in to it very well, but this morning it was glorious. I would have missed all that beauty if I had not forgotten Teddy's pillowcase. So nice.
Here is the little birthday gift....thought you might like to see this very fun fabric, "Fish Fishing for Cats."
The finished case
I love this finned cat

After having a cup of tea and baking some corn muffins, I was off to the hair salon for a trim. When I returned, LM was eager to get me back to the, not for what you think....his princess was all curled up on the tuffett of fleece blankets he makes for her each morning.
A tad indignant about the presence of the papparazzi.
We are off to celebrate Teddy....have a great weekend.


Linda said...

Sounds like you and Teddy are in for a wonderful day.

Beverly said...

The beginning of your day sounded wonderful....You have a gift of describing nature...I like that.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you remembered Teddy's gift! and, you saw several nice gifts too! I love the pillowcase! What darling fabric! You are such a sweet gramma!! Know the Birthday Party was a ton of fun! Hope to see some pictures soon!...debbie

judemiller1 said...

I love that pillowcase. I'm sure he loved it too.

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