Friday, December 3, 2010

The Hits Keep Coming

As the sun was setting on beautiful Cape Cod last night, LM drove to Dancing Feather Corner, his favorite place of peace to capture this sunset for me, and I am sure, to rest his mind from the challenges he's faced this week. I can only imagine how heavy and tired his head and heart are from watching his son struggle to do the right thing, yet continually fall into the abyss once more.He took these beautiful photos and could not wait to get home and send them to me. He no sooner did so than he got a phone call from John that he had, once again, been arrested and was being held at a local police station.
I was at home having just finished my dinner, when LM's voice on the phone asked if I were sitting down. I knew....the news could only be bad. I pleaded that he not bail John out this time. He said he was going to do so. I backed off, as I need to fight my own battles not LM's. I sat and stared for awhile, talked to an empathetic and loving on-line friend, called LM's sister and then gathered myself up and begin to work on quilting; just like a robot. Finally after 2.5 hours LM called to say he didn't bail John and was letting him stay in jail overnight. This morning they would be in court. At this point, John is now out on bail again and there will be a hearing on both charges Dec 16. A lawyer is involved. I'm using what strength I have to work and hold back the tears. LM is exhausted and out driving John around on errands. All I can do is offer non-judgmental love.

Meanwhile, along with the sunset photos I received last night, were some of Ms G. This one with the light reminds me of Ms G's special powers.....

She knows that when you don't know what else to do, you take a nap in the sun and regroup!!

She also knows that when your beloved is on the phone too much, you stand on the computer or cause some other distraction.
I'm going to be off-line for several days. Sunday I will be busy trying to extract some of Ms G's love and sharing it with LM. Thank you, all, for the support and caring.

PS. In very exciting news, my dear blogging friend, Debbie, is on her way to Columbus OH to pick up her new puppy today, and I am so so happy for her!!


ABBY said...

Sending you lots of healing purrs

sallylwess said...

Your wisdom and your ability to be a great friend spoke to me today. Your friend, LM is in a difficult place. He is fortunate to have a friend like you.

Linda said...

Sending you all the support I can.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I'm so sorry, Marcia. You'll be in my prayers ♥

judemiller1 said...

I'm glad LM didn't go right down and bail John out. Sometimes "they" need to learn that they are responsible and Daddy won't come running every time. I had to do that with my son--the second time he called from jail I told him, "I can't come get you. I will see you in the court tomorrow morning." It was the last time he was jailed.

Now he is a very responsible 52 year old man, holding down a good job and has a good life. I never thought he'd make it!