Friday, May 28, 2010


The beautiful peony is from my sister-in-law, Trish's spectacular garden. Enjoy!

Yes, we are ready to launch Memorial Day weekend partner in workday crime, Nancy, and I are trying to convince the powers that be that they promised us today would be a 1/2 day of work, but we have been unsuccessful so far. Oh well, it will all be tempered by the fact that in 15 minutes, I will be leaving the office for awhile to go play on the playground across the street with Teddy and his Mom. Pictures to come on the weekend!

My hip is doing well, and the plan to relax with LM and Ms G is still firmly in place. We plan to christen our nice new grille this weekend.

Tomorrow is the 68th anniversary for my late Mum and Dad. How lovingly they always talked about that special day....marriage at St. Andrew's church in Hanover, followed by a reception at the North River Club in Pembroke. Mum wore lavender and carried pansies. Dad was dashing in a handsome suit. I still have the beautiful hat and veil which Mum wore that day. It may come out for a loving look and quiet moment of remembrance.

Hope everyone will have a lovely weekend....


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Such beautiful peonies... I adore them!

So looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend... we're having a huge graduation party for my cousin (she just got her Master's in Social Work!)

Happy Anniversary to your parents... what a lovely memory to have ♥

Anonymous said...

Peonies are so pretty. Mine are white. Playing on the playground sounds like fun to break up your work day. Mean ole' bosses. Bob gave his employees 1/2 today. He is so sweet. He went to replace the roses on his parents graves this afternoon. Termite inspection was clear! yea! Have a nice bar-b-q this weekend on the new grill. We're going to some friends on sunday for a little party. I'm ready. Glad to hear your hip is better!! Hurray! just in time for the nice lazy weekend with LM. Hope it stays that way!! Hold steady!! Happy Anniversary to your folks. Her dress and hat sound so pretty, and I liked the idea of carrying Panseys! Have a wonderful day - I am getting ready to go sit out back with my Nook Book and watch the creature clean the pool. Have fun, tell LM and Ms G I said Hello!! ...debbie

Kittie Howard said...

The peonies are magnificent. My neighbor has a bush. Each year I marvel at how that bush can support so many flowers (for the most part; she had to help a bit last year). I hope you post a photo of your parents. They seem so romantic, so in love. Have fun christening your grill. Did Ms G order chicken or shrimp? Sounds like you're going to have a perfect American weekend and this is nice. (We're hanging close, too much traffic in our area to move!)

AMIT said...

Beautiful flowers.I just love it.

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Poppy said...

Love your peony photo...the raindrops add the perfect touch.

Hope your Memorial weekend plans turn out exactly as you hoped for.

Thinking of you~

barbara said...

Gorgeous peony! I absolutely love them, their colors, their lush petals, and their fragrance. They bloom for such a short while, which makes them all that more precious.

My son got married on 5/22 and his bride chose peonies for the altar flowers, her bouquet, and the table arrangements for the receptions. So now they are even more special to me!

Poppy said...

Caught up!!!!