Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From the Dervish

Lest I make you all as crazy as I am right now, I just wanted to say it is 81 degrees here on beautiful Cape Cod today. What a glorious day and, here's a little more news.

My hip has improved slightly, and I am looking forward to the quiet weekend LM and I promised each other last Sunday. Already "stuff"is encroaching, but we are trying to hold fast.

Dear daughter, Sara, continues her recovery from surgery last week. Post-surgical symptoms are not always fun but she is coping. The upset digestive system goes with the territory.

Tonight, LM is cooking dinner for 80+ people....scrod, baked potatoes, veggie, salad and rolls! It will be a yummy night at the Cape Cod Salties! Alas, I have opted to stay home and continue to rest my hip.

Design and fabric acquisition continues for my latest quilt project. Color really works on my senses and the more I handle the fabric, the more inspired I become. A lovely and healing thing.

A lot of love goes out always to my daughter and family in FL, especially today as they mourn the loss of son-in-law, David's father, David Sr. He passed peacefully last night after a battle with lung and kidney cancer.

From summery Chatham, I wish you peace and love.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

It's so beautiful out today! It's too bad I'll be working for the majority of it :(

I'm so glad you and your daughter are recovering smoothly. My condolences to your son-in-law's father ♥

Anonymous said...

Your having a great sunny day!! It is to be close to 90 today here. Glad to hear your hip is slightly better! That is way better than not better!! LM must be a great cooker to cook for 80 people! Holy Smokes. I am assuming he has lots of help! I am sorry to hear of your Son-in-laws father's passing. I imagine the family is greiving over his death, but so glad he is free of pain at last. I aslo Hope your daughter feels better this afternoon and has a speedy recovery....debbie

Linda said...

Sorry but I don't know what scrod is but I assume it's a fish since LM is into fishing.

Very happy to hear your hip is some better.

It is currently 52 degrees and raining in Portland, Oregon.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Linda,
Scrod is a smaller form of Atlantic codfish. Very sweet, mild and flakey white fish. He makes a crumb mixture of crushed ritz crackers and garlic croutons, and bakes in some butter (not low-cal unless you limit the serving size). Other times he covers the fish in mild salsa, bakes for 20 min, then layers on some grated cheddar cheese and finishes it that way. That method is good for a gamier fish.
Oh, I wish I could send you some of our beautiful sunshine!
Yes, as long as I rest and do not stress the hip it will get better. I thought it might recover more quickly this time as I have been exercising and had a lot of treatment. So far, so good. Now, to keep me away from gardening for the weekend.
Enjoy Memorial Day weekend!
Nice to hear from you always,

Thanks Erin & Debbie, too!

Poppy said...

I'm glad you opted to stay put the other night and rest your hip!

My sympathies go out to your daughter and son in law on their loss.

Hope Sara is continuing to improve.