Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gotta Blame Something (Edited 6/2/10)

Blogger took away some of my photos .....they're back again, for now anyway!

Here it is....my nemesis....only problem is, I keep feeding this beast to make it grow. We are searching for someone to come and take it away - sooner, rather than later. Not excluding the fact that I could choose not to do anymore yard work, this brush pile is largely responsible for my hip issues....and now, since this photo was taken last week, the pile has grown considerably.....fortunately, I used a little restraint, and the hip is fairly quiet!

Our Memorial Day weekend kicked off a bit early on Friday when Alison brought baby Teddy to visit my office at lunch time. We walked across the street to the lovely playground and had great fun exploring new territory.
First, the swings....a little too confining for this busy boy.
After a bit of wriggling, he was out of the swing and over to the slide...currently his favorite.
With Mum's assistance he was soon repeatedly sailing down.
Just out of reach but in a few months it'll be his.
Once again, MUCH TOO CONFINING! Cute little fish ride, though.
Alison looks down from the top of a "boat."
Back to Nana's office, we had a picnic lunch at my desk, and with barely a blink of an eye, Teddy found a spare phone I had tucked back in a bookcase...he was pretty upset that no one answered.
One of the planters at LM's....there will soon be morning glories on the old trellis in the background
Herbs at the back door
The new quilt project is off to a good start, and some of the fabrics were washed bright and early on Saturday. They looked so pretty on the line. Since then, they've been ironed and cut into pieces. Sewing begins tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Ms G had a lovely weekend with both her people in residence, the bed to hog for three nights, many chipmunks scurrying around, bacon for breakfast on Sunday, and lots of attention. This unladylike pose is a frequent scene whenever LM is near. Shameless, that girl! It does melt his heart and attract lots of attention. She's no fool.Her man finally coaxed her into a more appropriate position!
Post-bacon on Sunday morning, she soaks up some rays by the kitchen door. I do believe that may be a jade plant leaf she's been playing with.
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We did a lot of fun things - twice we went to the beach in the early evening and stayed through sunset while LM fished, we used the new grille with great success, and took time to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. It was so touching to observe that all the War Memorials in town had been lovingly neatened and adorned with geraniums this past week.


Anonymous said...

I must say, your pile is pretty big. To bad you can't just set the whole darn thing on fire, but I can see you'd burn down the whole back yard and perhaps the house. Look in the paper for someone who will clean that up for you. surly there is someone. We have a little guy we call and he takes it all to the dump for us. Teddy is growing like a weed! so cute! Nice to have them come for a nice lunch and visit to the park! I wonder if the neighbors think someone has pretty unders??? lol Can't wait to see the patterns up close! ...debbie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Baby Teddy is an absolute doll! So glad you had a lovely weekend ♥

bySarah said...

Oh my gosh. Teddy is SO CUTE!! Good luck with that pile, and your quilt!

Anne Chiulli said...

Keep those Baby Teddy pictures coming!

Pearl Maple said...

Fun post of your holiday weekend activities. Good luck with your pile and the quilt is lovely.

Linda said...

No wonder you re-injured your hip. That brush pile is pretty evil looking.

As always, baby Teddy is a doll and it's easy to see he's the apple of his grandmother's eye.

I always enjoy seeing Ms. G, and love the wonderful planters at LM's.

Poppy said...

As you probably have figured out by now I am catching up by reading backwards. I just experienced one of those magic carpet ride moments you were talking about a few posts past this one. You mentioned Morning Glory's will be growing on that trellis in Lou's yard and I had a flashback of an old house my grandma lived in and there was a piece of lattice from porch floor to ceiling on one end of her porch and it was completely covered with Morning Glory's...such a beautiful, clear blue they are. I love them. I need to find some seeds and see if I can grow them some place around here!

Anonymous said...

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