Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day-Beautiful Girls-Chainsaws-Technology

How could I write a Mother's Day post and forget my first born (Anne) and her wonderful husband, David....I'll tell you why....they were not even in the US on the day, as they were partying away at a wedding on their island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas!
They made sure I received a lovely gift, though!!
Photo taken at the wedding....beautiful!
At long last, a Mother's Day weekend post.....really, all I asked was for Jason to come over to LM's with his chainsaw....lucky I didn't end up in the brush pile.....instead, I got so much more! The night before, Sara, Richie and Samantha joined me for an early dinner at a great new restaurant in Harwichport - Ember. They have coal-fired pizza ovens and the end product had us raving over and over about the goodness.
This little princess really enjoyed her pizza and her maturity continues to amaze me.

Sara with my swoon-worthy margherita pizza in the foreground.
Richie loved his bacon and egg pizza
A lovely time had by all, missed by LM as he was at the beach leading a group of students on their first beach fishing expedition.

Our sweet little Teddy came over to visit with his Daddy on Mother's Day and they brought their chainsaw and the makings of a beautiful herb garden.
Just waking up from a nap, Teddy sits for a bit in his Great-Di-Di's (my late Dad) chair in LM's kitchen.
Finally beginning to wake up....over his head there should be a bubble reading "I can tell there is a lot of technology in this house and there is investigating to do."
Yup, he was right....
Telephones to be answered....
He gives the "fake" phone to LM....not up to my standards, he says.
Ah, he loves to cuddle with Nana....
....wear LM's hat.....
And, he gave Nana some lovely cards
We went on a little tour to look at the lilacs.....along the front are the usual old-fashioned type...happy this year, having been shorn of the choking climbing roses which were wrapped around. My arms and legs still show the damages from the removal process. When the afternoon sun hits these lilacs, the house is filled with their scent.
The other side of the house, back of the driveway, is lined with these unusual lacy pink lilacs
After helping LM remove even more brush, trees and stumps, Jason planted a lovely herb garden for me, we had a little lunch, and they were on their way home. I continued to work in the garden and yard for about 3 more hours while LM went to work on an unexpected project. Ah yes, remember the 65 boxes of books he had stored at a friend's house?? I should never have wasted one minute worrying about HOW we would ever get them assimilated. As my mother always told me, everything takes care of itself, as long as you take care of YOU. On the Friday of Mother's Day weekend, we got a call that the place where the books/boxes were stored, was flooded! Almost all the books and "stuff" are now gone. This meant a lot of work for LM but I think he is relieved.....he never lost his sense of humor about it, and even intimated that he knew I would be very relieved....I suspect he thinks I have the power to cause a flood, but that is another story.....as long as he was still smiling, I was happy. Ah, the weight of "stuff" we carry around with us through the years! We both feel a bit lighter right now.

QUILT PRESENTATION report coming tomorrow!


Kittie Howard said...

Kitty, just when I was getting ready to send an Are You OK e-mail, thankfully, you pop up on my blogroll! I am clueless as to why your previous posts didn't. Is there such a thing as Computer Frustration Syndrome? LOL! Anyway, I read thru your previous posts and really wanted to taste that mushroom sandwich. Have never had one! But of all your photos I REALLY like the one with you and Teddy. So spontaneous! And I wish your lilacs were here. Your garden is fabulous!! And I HAD to chuckle about the books...ah! Happy you're well!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

What a lovely family you have; I'm in awe of that pizza, and especially those lilacs. WOW! I've never seen so many!

By the way, just letting you know that I'm throwing a Giveaway this week. The prize is a $25 dollar gift certificate to The Mews Restaurant & Cafe in Provincetown! I would love for you to participate... just go on my blog! ♥

Anonymous said...

That goes to show you that floods are not all bad!! You seemed to have had a great Mother's Day. The Chain Saw was probably your most precious gift!!!! lol One time for my birthday I told Bob I just wanted all the old bushes in front of our house taken out...and they were! lol Teddy is so cute!! Had to chuckle at the bacon and egg pizza! That's a new one for me!! ...debbie

Poppy said...

I got quite the giggle about the book story. Do you think you could arrange for my garage to be flooded? :)

That pizza looks divine and Samantha and Teddy are growing by leaps and bounds!!!