Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, my Achin' Hip

Yesterday afternoon, as we drove to Brewster to have lunch with LM's sister, her friend, Irene, and LM's daughter, Kristi, I pitched a plan and plea to LM that we allow next weekend to be completely unscheduled. There seems to be a pattern with us that we let life happen, and "we" get what is left. I'm continuously amazed at how reasonable LM is in responding. He agreed, that we need to make "we" time happen, and make the preservation of our love tantamount. Yeah...I really got so conditioned to VERY unreasonable men in my life. LM is a treasure.

I am, errands, cleaning, wash, and heavy gardening, have my right hip screaming, with great pain and difficulty walking.

Over the past two months, my main project has been to heal this hip issue and it had been very successful until I did myself in last Friday morning. One crazy move and I was back to square one. I decided to scrub a large area of my bathroom floor by using a scrubby under my foot. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked like magic and up came the large sticky area caused by hairspray. I had already tried using my floor mop with the scrubby edge, to no avail. This was a desperate measure. The circular motion and heavy pressure with my leg did me in, but the floor is now gleaming and no longer sticky! Add to this hip insult, I hauled some heavy containers of garden brush to the huge pile in the back garden. Sitting on a large ice pack is about all I can do now.

We had a beautiful day Saturday and I was out and about early, first, I finally gave in and attacked the very invasive English ivy around the base of the house with "killer"....hate to use that stuff. It seems to be working. I also used it on some stumps and old climbing roses. After cleaning up, I was off to do needed clothes shopping, plan a new quilt project and buy fabric, (pics later), and go to the nursery for plants, plus, food shopping. Four planters and some window boxes are now adorning LM's garden. I also took a leap and added the huge basil plant to the herb pot Jason made for me on mother's day. I hope it is not too early to put it out. We also acquired a HUGE patio tomato plant, thistle (for the finches) and hummingbird feeders, as both birds were spotted in the garden this weekend. I collapsed at 10 pm Sat night, barely able to move, and only got some painfully restless sleep.

Now I am sitting here, in deep pain, debating the sagacity of going to work this morning. It is so frustrating to be so limited. Only physically, I say, as my creativity is flowing and there is so much happiness abounding. This too, shall pass!

A quick Ms G report....she did have a lot of chipmunks and a little mouse to watch scurrying across the terrace this weekend, and was up to her usual bedhog antics. Yesterday was not happy for her as she is company phobic. The second everyone left, she was out and about but I had to come home.
A sunny good morning and happy week to everyone!


Kittie Howard said...

Ohhhh, Kitty, you did tooooo much. Yipes, I'm tired. Wish I had half your energy. But your garden sounds fabulous and will be summer beautiful long after the hip pain goes away (which I keep telling myself when it acts up)...and, OMG, a Ladyslipper in a garden...just read where this is too rare for words...what a treat to see!! And, ahem, I hate to mention this cause we ladies are so ladylike about our weight, but has Ms G gained a bit around the middle? Whenever Chena got into the 'mouse jar' it showed right around the middle. (Of course she denied every bite!) :))))))))

Linda said...

Gracious, that hip sounds bad. Is surgery looming in your future?

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I do the kitchen floor and it kills my knees. You knew when you were doing that, that you'd pay big time. But...what else can we do?? It's easy at the time. It's only later we feel the stabbing pain. I hope it will go away quickly. Perhaps you need to leave the gardning to LM. just supervise!! It's hard to do tho - I know. You have been so busy. Good Grief...yeah, I agree, you need some "you & LM time" for sure! Hope you feel some relief soon...debbie

Poppy said...

Ugh...I have one of those huge hair spray spots on my bathroom floor as well. I have found a very hot mop, dipped in Mr. Clean solution applied liberally and allowed to soak a good ten minutes does the trick most times. Occasionally I need to reapply the solution a second time but it sure beats getting on my hands and knees to scrub.

I hope your hip is feeling better and hope you will take it a bit easier in the future. Be kind to so deserve it!