Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Scenery

At the last minute on Friday, LM was asked to do a car delivery to Cooperstown, NY. His first thought was that we would go together and make some more memories. I was supposed to work on Saturday but got the time and after some other finagling we were on the road at 4 am Saturday morning. This photo was taken just after sunrise on the Mass Turnpike headed west. It was a picture perfect day. The trip in to Cooperstown on Rte 88 was just breathtaking and we could look down on the valley and see a hint of color in the trees. Soon we were off the highway and our faithful (well usually) Tom Tom GPS guided us through some very interesting roads.....very rural farms, and then on to a one lane road which crossed over the top of a mountain through deep woods and precipitous drop-offs to one side. We were driving a HUGE Chevy pick-up and were very grateful. We laughed the whole way, thinking, this cannot be the way to a Chevy dealer, but after many miles on the dirt road, we emerged to civilization and were a stonesthrow from our destination!

Along the way to Cooperstown.
We saw a sign for a tiny garlic festival held on the grounds of Wood Bull antiques very near the dealer we went to, so had to stop. This sprightly sheep welcomed us and we bought some nice local garlic and pottery.
Wood Bull Antiques cosmos
Riding next to the rails on the way home.

It really was a great day....we drove 800 miles returning in a nice new Malibu. As always, we LOVE being on the road and seem to go into a cocoon of love, laughter, and awe at all the beauty around us. The Village of Cooperstown, famous for being the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, was teeming with visitors, very quaint and features many lovely homes on quiet tree-lined streets. Many smaller Victorian and Arts and Crafts style houses. We also got to see the beautiful Otsego Inn which sits on Lake Otsego, one block from the village. It was a long day and we were really tired......early to bed to rest up for the Alzheimer's Walk yesterday. More about that tomorrow from beautiful Cape Cod where Fall is the best time of the year! Happy Solstice.


Beverly said...

I love road trips...

One Woman's Journey said...

Thanks for sharing.
Your trip sounded ideal.
I love road trips also.