Saturday, September 27, 2008

Early Morning Mini-Tour

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham
Espaliered apple trees, Fall version

One of my favorite Chatham doorways, house is a full restoration designed and built by my company and the same house which has the espalier. It is right next to the beach at the lighthouse so enjoys the view shown above.
Same house, Fall hydrangeas. They turn the loveliest color in September.

Each morning before work, I drive to the lighthouse beach overlook to gaze at the sea and sky and get my energy for the day. It is different everyday of the year but most dramatic in Fall and Winter. To think that I got out of the car and captured all the above beauty in about 60 seconds is still stunning to me.

We had a delightful dinner with our friends last night and came home to blissful sleep while the rain from Hurricane Kyle - quite far out to sea - poured outside the windows. It rained all day today, too, so, at Dad's recommendation I stayed on Cape and just enjoyed some extra time with LM, did some baking for the freezer and worked on my winter wardrobe, while giving Ms G ample lap time. She seems to be better although she is still sleeping alot. I have sprinkled Borax in the corners in all the rooms as recommended by the vet. She said it is more effective at repelling fleas than any bombs. A very inexpensive cure if it works.

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