Saturday, September 27, 2008

Problem Solved with Ms G

Updte on Ms G.....last night she finely decided to come out from hiding (still wary of the cat carrier which sits on the living room floor) and settle into my lap for some love. I was patting her and realized she had some bumps on her neck. The more I felt around the more I could see that she had flea bites! I began using her fine tooth comb, which she loves, and got some flea dirt...Oh, OH....we have a problem, Houston!! I felt terrible that I had not noticed this before and very surprised that I had seen no fleas on myself, etc. I have a sneaking suspicion I know how they got in the house....enough said...this morning, I purchased some Advantix and have applied it, hoping to solve the problem and I will put Borax around the house which should help. Poor baby, no wonder she has been acting strangely. In all her 7 years she has never been exposed to such an indignity!
Hope that is the problem as it is easily solved. WHEW.

Out to dinner with friends tonight. Poor LM did not get home until 3 am and is now out catching up on all his errands.
I know, I know, I promised Chatham photos but I have to get ready for our date..priorities, you know.

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Beverly said...

Shelby does not like fleas either. She gets them anytime I use a pet
sitter. I guess they bring them in from the other animals she visits.
She becomes withdrawn, and will not look at me. Then, I notice them and feel so bad.
She is really sick now tho. pancreaitis. She was so sick, would not eat or drink....But she is much better