Friday, September 26, 2008

Ms G.

Not sure what is happening in the cat world this week but after worrying for several days about my friend's cat, Mavvy, I am now VERY worried about my dear one and the very namesake of this blog. For a week or so, Her behavior has been a bit unusual but I chalked it up to "cats just act weird sometimes" and it would pass. Well, last night I noticed her licking at her fur continuously and then seeing large chunks of fur around the house. She was also refusing to eat her usual treats and was not hanging on me begging for attention. This morning, she was worse and she left me a huge regurgitated hairball (forgive the graphics description here for you non-cat owning readers). At lunch time, she appeared very lethargic and didn't come to share lunch or my lap. Big signal to me that something is amiss with my dear sweet friend. I called her vet and made a 3 pm appointment, knowing full-well that capturing her on my own would be iffy. I came home at the appointed time and got the carrier stealthily, while she was captive in a small bathroom. I almost had her in the carrier but with mighty force she managed to get away from me and in a corner WAY out of my reach. In tears I called the vet to say there would be no visit. They have no time left until Monday so I can only hope whatever is ailing my baby will pass. Meanwhile, her poor "boyfriend" LM is way far away on the road and feeling very sad that he is not here to help. She had not made an appearance since I got home from work this evening. Hopefully, she will climb in bed with me as usual. Not a good week for cats!
Meanwhile, I am making ricotta roasted tomatoes again. Just love them and the roma tomatoes are from a local farm. Yummy dinner with some steamed broccoli. The recipe for the tomatoes is at
We are also under a severe storm warning here and right now the wind is howling and we have had torrential rain all day. Ms G and I will be so relieved to have LM off the road and back home with us.
The promised Chatham will appear tomorrow.....have a nice weekend.


Beverly said...

My baby Shelby, a minature Dachshund, is sick too. I was soooo worried, and know how you feel. Hope she is better by the time you read this.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks Beverly, sending soft pats and well wishes for Shelby. Sure wish our furry friends could talk and tell us what is wrong, but then it might not be so good if Ms. G could talk. LOL. She is a little bit better today and I will get her to the vet on Monday, I hope.