Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Memory Walk

Memory Walks were held all across our country this past weekend to raise money for Alzheimer's research and none was more special to me than the walk held in Plymouth at Plimoth Plantation. The walk chairman was my dear, dear daughter-in-law, Alison. We walked on her team which was made up of many family, friends and most of her co-workers from the Assisted Living facility where she is the director of a special unit she designed for the memory impaired to thrive. Each person has their own suite, and Alison, along with her wonderful staff, keep the lives of these people full and stimulating. It is heartwarming to see her at work. Despite being quite pregnant right now, she took on the task of running the Memory Walk event and no one was prouder than I to hear her lauded at the ceremonies on Sunday. LM and I were joined by his daughter, Kristi, my daughter, Sara and granddaughter, Samantha. It was a perfectly beautiful day and the walk took us along the Plymouth shoreline in the sunshine. Even though we were exhausted after our long car trip on Saturday, we were thrilled to be part of this wonderful event. There was a very touching moment when a 9 year old boy was honored for raising $5000. over the past year to contribute to Alzheimer's research. He held yard sales and many other events, raising the money in memory of several loved ones who have fallen to Alzheimer's Disease. Amazing!

Photos: Crowds beginning to gather before the walk
Sara and Kristi head toward the start of the walk
Kristi, Sara and LM walking ahead of slow and gimpy me.
The Plimoth Plantation main reception building
Alison and her proud MIL
Outside the barn where there were baby goats! Too dark in there for photos.
Alison and her boss giving out awards for fundraising

Not the best of photos but I was dragging at this point....while I am bragging here, Alison's incredible husband, AKA my son Jason, really did so much to help pull this event together....manning water stops, lugging all the equipment, etc.

Meanwhile, this week is half over and it is flying by. Work is incredibly busy, which amazes me with the economy the way it is. I do not see our business slowing at all and sure hope there will not be a cumulative lag down the road, but high-end design/build does not seem to be suffering here yet. I really think it is the ethic of the firm and I am fortunate to be part of it.

Ms Graysea has been spending an inordinate amount of time staring at the wall behind the toilet....go figure...cats baffle me. She's also been catching and dining on the many spiders we seem to have right now....good girl! Speaking of cats, all the women I work with are dedicated cat lovers and we all share cat stories every day. Today there is a sad and worrisome one. My friend Melissa's cat got out through a screen last night and he has not returned....please send her good kitty thoughts for "Maverick's" safe return. He has no claws and has never been out before. We are all feeling her worry. Come back Mavvy!!


goooooood girl said...
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Beverly said...

Alison sounds like a wonderful DIL. I think what she does in her work is so needed and she sounds so remarkable. I know you are proud of her.