Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting for Hanna

This photo was taken two weeks ago today on my visit to Pike's Place Market in Seattle. I loved that place and my time there with my sisters!!

Back to real life.....
Tropical storm Hanna is on its way to Outer Cape Cod and already the "lead scouting party" of bands has dropped a considerable rainfall. It is very dark and humid, and near the water there is a strong SW wind. It is expected to clear a little by midday and the storm should begin to fully move over us by 5 pm. I headed over to the farmers market at 8 am and managed to breeze through there, collecting some lovely bounty and be back in the car before the next downpour.
This morning I got deep yellow summer squash (something new to me this year and very tasty), baby chard, tomatoes, two huge bags of fingerling potatoes (I will take one bag to my brother Sam when I go off-Cape tomorrow to visit Dad), corn, purple green beans....sounds weird but they do turn green when steamed and they are yummy, and some beautiful basil. I got some local raspberries and a nice cucumber to have with some tzatziki (yogurt, herb and garlic dip). That is about it although I did weaken when I came across giant coconut cupcakes. They have been cut in quarters and frozen to have as an occasional treat.

This will be a very quiet day as LM is off on a car run to Brockton and will not be back until late. He also has so much to do in preparation for his upcoming meetings regarding the salt water anglers registry, and he has to deliver a speech on the subject tomorrow. He is also preparing for a meeting with the Social Security Administration to straighten out a huge mess with Kristi's account. I know that is causing him a lot of stress and he needs to focus on it to ask the right questions on the day of the hearing. He is also lamenting the fact that his favorite time of year to fish, the Fall, is here already and he is too busy. Hopefully, tomorrow night he can be out there.
We are very worried about LM's best friend, Bob. He has been having a series of health issues and the past few weeks have been pretty painful. LM feels it is most important to stay close by to be there for Bob right now. Their's is a very special and lovely friendship. I so admire that part of LM's character. He treats me with the same consideration and love and I am happy to say that I don't mind when these other things intercede. In the past I would have not been so understanding, but then, I have never been loved by anyone as dear!

So, I have several fun movies to watch, some yummy food to cook with, and time to rest. Yesterday was not a happy day in my world. I am not sure started out with bad hair, nothing to wear (at least nothing which felt right), a severe pain in my hand which required a medication to quiet it down, and dropping everything I touched, not to mention a dead computer, cranky fax and printer at work. Thanks to our great IT person, all is now well. I could not wait to be home last night and just go to bed and shut things out. That seems to have passed and I am managing to get through today with much better hair, and only one thing has dropped so far...LOL
Ms. Graysea is all curled up in a favorite chair and seems to be saying she will sleep through the storm. Hoping we do not lose power here but at least it is not cold. The worst is due to pass through overnight. Tomorrow should be clearing out by mid-morning. I will be headed to see Dad with Kristi and have promised, at long last, to take her to Kohl's and Target. She is a thrifty shopper and will have fun.
On the way back from the farmers market, I drove by my favorite beach by the lighthouse and it was like driving into a wall of darkness. The clouds are so low and eerie. We are very overdue for a big hurricane they say....this one will not get above 60 MPH or so but that is scary enough for me....I lived through majorly destructive hurricanes in the 50's and 60's which were very, very scary. I can remember seeing buildings on our farm leveled and our street being impassable for weeks by downed trees, not to mention the fact that we had no power, water, etc for a long time. As children we thought it all very exciting but now, that would not be the case.
Here's to everyone being safe for the next 18 hrs or so!

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