Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sisters' Reunion

At long last all the Morse sisters were together in Seattle on August 19. All our flights went very well and we were lovingly greeted by El and her boys, John and Ian. Below is the view out to Puget Sound from El's deck. It was so spectacular that I could not let a day pass without taking another photo and each time there was a lot of boat traffic and something interesting to watch, ie, ferries, giant cruise ships going and coming from the Alaskan waters, container ships and pleasure boats.
We did so much and spent so much wonderful time catching up on the family news, LAUGHING, shopping at Seattle's beautiful farmers markets, eating sumptuous fresh food and cooking! It seemed we spent an inordinate amount of time recalling the wonderful meals and events of our lives, all of which revolved around those prepared by our extraordinary mother! She was present there with us every step of the way, whether it was in our faces, our hands as we cooked, our laughter and our emotions, I continuously felt her with us, and reveled in how very happy she would be to know we were together, all best of friends and taking up as though we were not separated by large distances for most of every year. Over and over one of us was heard to exclaim, "Mum would just love this". My favorite thing about the whole reunion was being within touching distance of my beautiful sisters and hearing their voices in person.
View from El's deck
Beautiful lacy and towering hemlock trees which seem to be everywhere in WA. We called them "fairy trees" as they seem to be straight from a fairy tale with their ethereal beauty.
El and Bebo with a bouquet of teddy bear sunflowers, queen anne's lace and crocosmia.
El lives in West Seattle and every Sunday a wonderful farmers market is held in a parking lot behind the main street...
El's younger son John is truly passionate about skateboarding and we had fun watching him at a local park. John is also a true movie fan and insisted we all watch "Creature from the Black Lagoon"....a true highlight of our trip as seen on El & Steve's new 60" HD TV. SCARY!!
Last year El and family adopted this beautiful boy, Hank Williams Jr, and he seemed to always be in this window as we approached the house....waiting to greet us. Sweet, sweet!
View of Seattle from Alki. Very close to El's.
El, Bebo and Margaret. Shopping at the incredibly beautiful Metropolitan Market in W. Seattle.
Ian, me, John, El and Margaret preparing to leave for a Duck Tour of Seattle. It was such a fun time and a beautiful day. (Thanks to Bebo for taking the photo)
Flowers to adorn the table where we shared some lovely meals....wild halibut and salmon were savored!!!
There is so much more to share about the trip but I am honestly still overwhelmed (in a good way) by it all, so in the future I will pick out more of my favorite moments to share. We made some beautiful memories and I have come home with a deeply renewed appreciation for the wonderful family of which I am part.
Jet lag had a hold on me for about 5 days and I was happy to just have to work for 2 days before having the long Labor Day weekend to rest and reconnect with my dearly loved and sorely missed LM. He was just wonderful to meet me at the airport at midnight in Providence and then drive me 2 hours home. We could not stop hugging and it was heaven to be together again.
Just one last thing.....we sure did enjoy some great food, as I have liberally mentioned, Steve holds the loot and the look on John's face says it all....the mini-cupcakes were from a gourmet bakery in W. Seattle....interesting....they vanished almost instantly!!! We loved the way they were hand-packed into an egg box. It was doubly sweet because we spent a lot of our childhood packing eggs into just such boxes!


One Woman's Journey said...

You are one very fortunate lady.
Your blessings overflow.
Thank you for sharing all the details and the wonderful reunion with your family.
I would feel like a queen on such a holiday.

Beverly said...

so glad you got to visit with your sisters...and I know your mom was smiling down on you all.