Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up

Finally, my computer modem was replaced on Friday night and I am back on line.
A big thank you to Anne and Theo for stepping in to say hello for me last week. I thought that seeing Theo do "The Twist" was ironic considering that Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was ranked the number one listened to song of all time last week. Some sort of cosmic serendipity there, I think.

Life has quieted down and fallen back into a slower pattern right now. Several people I really love are facing very serious surgery this week so I am meditating on healing and peace for my long-time friend, Hester, who is having a mastectomy tomorrow. She has a very positive mindset and I know she will do well, but it is never easy knowing someone you love is threatened. On Friday my brother, Marty, will have surgery to repair very severe skin breaks on his hips. He is a paraplegic and has been very sick for many years. Laying on his hips has caused these life-threatening skin breaks and we are hopeful yet another surgery will help to close these wounds which seriously compromise his health. Marty became paralized after a dirt bike accident when he was 19 in 1975. He has had a long road but made a success of his life and the lives of many others.

It was a lovely weekend here....saw several movies. On Sat we saw "The Women" and it is really bad....I am so disillusioned looking at the surgically altered faces of Hollywood actresses. It is painful!! On the other hand, this afternoon, we went to see "Burn After Reading." We are big Coen Bros fans and this one certainly redeemed the horrors of "No Country for Old Men". We laughed heartily along with a very full theater. We also shared several nice meals. We had fresh swordfish last night with PERFECT corn and green beans from the farmers market.
Guess you can tell it was a rainy weekend so there were no outside activities...LM and I shared a lot of long talks and closeness and are continuing to treasure the good fortune which has brought us together and given us this past year. As we said good-bye awhile ago I couldn't help but feel I am enveloped by love, tender, compassionate and, at once, exciting love.

I have a series of humorous photos from the sisters reunion and I promise to get to them some night this week and make a new post.

Ms Graysea has been sleeping away these past two dreary days....although she did rally a bit to have some bacon with our brunch this morning. We currently have the aftereffects of Ike blowing through. LM is happy because these dark breezy nights are perfect for fishing. Tonight he is out on the starkly beautiful but remote backside beaches (National Seashore area in Wellfleet) trying to catch some striped bass. I am happy to see him pursuing his passion on the beaches but will be happy when I get the call that he is on the way home. Since his heart attack I worry when he is out there alone.

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Beverly said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend.
I would have loved to have had your nice meal. Sounds yummy...
Glad you are back with us bloggers..