Friday, September 26, 2008


The workday began yesterday with long hugs and tears as my friend & co-worker, Melissa arrived to tell us that her dear cat, Mavvy, had still not come back. He had been gone for two days after escaping by pushing a screen out of a second floor window. We all tried to start our days and not focus on it, after all, neighbors and others were watching carefully in case Mavvy should be spotted. Meanwhile, at the "ranch", my work computer, along with 4 others, had become infected by a terrible virus and decided to stop working, which in, essence, put the brakes on my ability to work as usual. I spent the morning cleaning, organizing, helping some of the architects prepare plans to go out for permitting, and catching up on some professional reading. About 10 am, I heard Melissa walk down the hall and quickly got up to hear her announce that Mavvy was spotted in her back yard by her next door neighbor, but he was unable to catch the elusive Mavvy. More tears....due to a scheduled audit, Melissa couldn't leave for 3 hours but eventually she was on her way home and by 3 pm she called us to detail how she had gone into the conservation woods behind her house and sat there with a bag of treats until Mavvy finally came to her....that took almost an hour. He is now home, a few cuts on his paw pads, covered with ticks and burrs, but full of purrs and Melissa's screens are now doubly secure.

I loved being part of the support the whole office gave Melissa during this troubling time. Our company is like a family and I am so thankful to be part of it all. I have been offered similar support when it was really needed, especially when I had to suddenly leave the very abusive relationship I was in. Over night, I was surrounded by help, hugs and constant reassurance, not to mention the physical help they gave me when I moved. So nice! Now, if only I can go in to work this morning and find that my computer has been, we are so dependent on this technology!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some photos I took yesterday morning around Chatham. We sit out here on an elbow extending into the Atlantic at the mercy of the confluence of a hurricane and a nasty storm arriving as this day progresses. Sure feels tropical out there this morning.

Wishing LM well today he is driving to and from PA. He left at 5 am and will not be back until very late, and I worry a lot when he drives in these heavy storms.

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Julie said...

As a mother of two kitty cats this story made me very happy. One of my cats flew out of the window 3 times! By time #3 he wasn't too thrilled with us. (the windows were huge and hard to keep the screens in when an 18 pound cat jumps into them)
The kitten as we call her (she is 4) got out just once and she just walked around to the front of the house and sunned herself until we spotted her.
I love them so and never want to lose them! Thanks for coming back Mavvy!

p.s. I will never understand them either. They seem to have their own routines, but change them up quickly.