Monday, July 27, 2015


At 6:30 this morning, just barely awake, I was in the kitchen preparing my big glass of morning iced tea, when suddenly, Teddy's very loud (outdoor) voice, commanded me to look out the back window to see a HUGE coyote!  What a wonderful sight. We all gathered quietly at the window to watch as he/she sauntered slowly along the high wall, a veritable smorgasbord of chipmunks, woodchucks and other little critters. This was a very healthy coyote specimen.  Teddy's keen observation of nature allowed us this lovely minute of nature. Nice way to start off our week.
 No time for a coyote photo, but this is the wall he covered from one end to the other.

Yesterday, Teddy had been able to observe an osprey in the nest and the mate flying in with a fish.

Often when we are headed out somewhere in the car, he will ask if he can bring an electronic handheld device to play while we drive, and each time we gently tell him no, that we are on a nature observation tour and there is SO MUCH to see in the world. So far he is buying it without much of a fuss!!  He's had some great rewards as nature reveals herself to us in all its amazing ways. May this continue, as, I am loving it, too!

Teddy is about to leave for camp, and I am getting ready to visit my trainer and then come home to do some mending, and get ready to meet a high school classmate for lunch.

Tomorrow will find me on a shopping excursion for school clothes with Sara and Samantha.  Beautiful Samantha is growing faster than we can shop, if you can believe that!

I love my life!!  There is a disclaimer here.....the high humidity has returned and the battle is on, to keep cool and hydrated. 

Happy Monday, and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me dear son, Teddy's Dad, Jason!

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Retired English Teacher said...

I love it when kids are tuned into the environment in which they live and are observant.

The wall is beautiful. I'm fighting rabbits and trying to establish the same look. Your life does sound quite happy and fulfilled.